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What are Some Successful Examples of Customized Software?

Written By Sidrah Nizami – Last Modified On April 19, 2024

Let’s start with a clear statement. Customized software makes your business become better than all the other businesses. How? It makes it better through custom tools, better ideas and tailored strategies. So, we are going to talk about a number of examples of customized software.

As business owners, everyone wants to be unique. They want their product to be the most unique and the best one in the market and most of the people would do anything to have a unique domain. It doesn’t matter if it’s retail, customer service, real estate, mobile apps, advanced technology, etc. As the opposite of ready-made, customized software is specifically made for you.

Now that you’re convinced that customized software is better than ready-made. So, let’s have a closer look at 15 of the best examples of customized software solutions.

What is Custom Software?

customized software is a tailored software solution built specifically for a business while considering their business requirements and goals. Customized software development is the procedure in which developers design, create, deploy, and maintain a tailored software solution according to the required functions and features of an organization. 

Customized software development is the procedure where the software developer goes through different sdlc phases that include designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining a software tailored to the needs of a user. As compared to a ready-made software, customized software contains a variety of unique features. Ready-made software has a lot of general features which makes this software suitable to be marketed commercially.

15 great examples of customized software


Self-service themselves require customized software just to work. Also, you can now find some self-service kiosks that will let you place and manage the orders. These kiosks let the customer view and browse through the products, pick them and then place their order. They even have the capability to customize the items in their order. This has some custom software solutions working in collaboration.

One system provides power to the kiosk, giving the functionality that we talked about before to let the customers place their order. There is also another system which transfers this information to the ticket system of the warehouse or kitchen that shows the orders so the packers and chefs know what to pack and make.

The most famous example of it is the fast food chain McDonald’s. They have had this kind of technology for a few years, but it is wide-spread already and has a huge investment by the chain in the modern technology.


Another example of customized software is the custom bug tracking software. Companies who seriously want to shift their business online and use the cloud to enhance their productivity should pay attention to the bug and issue tracking. Finding errors before they can impact your company’s bottom line is the best way. The online environment can be really dangerous for all kinds of businesses and you surely don’t want your toy store website to go down on special occasions like Christmas eve. What can you do to make sure everything is updated?

Bug tracking software helps you in keeping the tabs on project schedules, unexpected issues, and extra glitches that might be occurring in your system. Incorporating a safe program that speeds up the process of development and manages the issues and errors is important.

This is where Jira helps you. It is a bug tracking software that targets web developers and testers. It has a versatile and interactive database for convenient management of project, tool planning and reporting as well. The primary attributes of Jira helps you lessen the delays and reduces downtime. The tools available on Jira lets the company teams to schedule, track, and review the bugs and issues, and send reports to check out the progress.


There are various special kinds of custom software that are used in the banking industry. From advanced customized softwares that manages the customer assets, tracks down the value among different currencies, and even fraud detection softwares. There are lots of different applications of customized software.

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Streaming services have a lot of great examples of custom solutions that we use in our everyday lives. We want to watch videos together on a lot of devices including Desktop, mobile, and tablet. We also want to be able to watch them whenever we want to no matter where we are. This needs a really complex software.

There is also an addition of custom systems that can keep a track on the viewing habits of a user. This software learns from the things they watch and how they rate them, turning it into data. It then checks out other titles available to recommend something that they should next watch. As the user watches more and more, the system can refine the data it is gathering and the recommendations it provides, learning from the experience what titles the user would most probably watch and love.


Remote dashboards will represent a really famous and effective application of a custom software. Relying on the services that you give, the ways you can use a dashboard is different. Usually, a remote dashboard lets the customers and employees view the essential data on another device and gives tools to let them do their tasks no matter where they are. Typically used on a phone, these dashboards let anyone access their digital tools and data no matter when and where they are.

For customers, an example is checking and managing the costs of your energy. Using a customized software provided by the client, you can view your energy usage and costs. While doing so, for workers, the dashboard shows them the details of the energy consumption of a custom and other details like their last boiler service. It could even contain guides and diagrams, to save the software engineers from doing some paperwork. A dashboard can sometimes be the backbone of a paperless contract, allowing you to create and manage your contracts in the application, and lets customers sign it virtually on their tablet or phone.


With the increase of virtual assistants, the requirement of voice recognition software has increased. You most likely have at least one of the assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana. But, voice recognition software has a lot of applications other than these computerized ones.

One example of it is the voice biometric technology, which you can use to increase the security. This kind of software has been deployed in sectors already such as e-commerce and banking. Its example would be when you call the bank and have to answer the safety questions. An advanced voice recognition system will listen and recognize the answers and register it just like a human listener would. This will let the call system to be automated, making it more efficient and freeing human operators to do the harder tasks. All while it’s totally safe and secure.

Another example of it is within the spectrum of smart devices. They need advances and apps of voice recognition software. If you have a smart TV, your remote will come with a microphone letting you give a voice command which your TV will then follow.

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Another example of a custom software that has revolutionized is in the travel section. Apps like Careem and Uber have now globally changed how people book their taxis. Again, the software works in a lot of ways. There is also a customer-facing application. This gives the users a map, drivers who are currently above, their ratings, and the payment options for the customer to pay for their ride.

Also, there is a corresponding app for the riders. Again, it shows the location of the passenger, their ratings, and the route map and the calculating fares. These systems come with a way to communicate with the customer in real-time and central systems to manage the payments and bookings of the customers. For a service that most people take for granted, the software which is behind it is sophisticated and a great example of custom software.


This is also a specific app of custom software that has become a part of everyday life for most people. The fame of services like Foodpanda and JustEat depends on the customized software enhancing their power. This is not only the mobile apps or website that is used by the customers to buy their food but the new tracking software that is available. This software lets riders get to restaurants and delivery addresses and allows the customers where their order is at that time.

Being able to track your order in real time might seem like a little convenience when you’re really waiting to get your food. Maybe even a little entertaining. But it is just the front end of some great custom software.

Moreover, like delivery apps, there is also another custom application that has been developed to be used by riders for their work. This app contains all the tools needed to let them work. From displaying the current orders and letting them manage the deliveries, to seeing their routes as well. Everything riders need to work is found on the app, making it a great software.

9- B2B Account Management

In the world of customer service and B2B sales, it makes sense to allow the buyers to handle stuff like recurring purchases, memberships, and shipping instructions themselves. With customized software, you can allow customers to manage their accounts themselves which helps you save time and money in this procedure.

10- Online Medical Patient Interfaces

Many of us have already used an online portal of some type to schedule an appointment of some doctor, update your medical history, or just interact with a healthcare service. These tools help make it more convenient, save time, and confidentiality that can not happen over the phone or in person.

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11- Student Portals For Schools And Universities

At most of the schools and universities, students can sign up online for their classes, download the learning material, and check stuff such as schedules or grades all of it just from one custom software. 

12- Customized E-Commerce Solutions

No two shops are identical, it doesn’t matter if they are offline or online. Custom software development can be used to customize the shopping experience, give customized marketing, and just automate the things such as shipping and returns. Given that margins are really tight in online shopping, this type of software can help you save a lot of money.

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13- Management And Scheduling Tools

A lot of managers use customized softwares to schedule their employees, set up the sessions for training, and take care of everyday documentation. That functionality can be easier in any way, but it’s great as a company grows well and the revenue increases.

14- Financial Website Account Logins

Whether you think about it or not, you most likely use a safe custom software daily to get in touch with your financial institutions. These let the transfer of information be safer, get real-time updates, and the capability of doing things like download or view statements.

15- Volunteer Coordination Pages

Community associations and charitable groups use custom softwares for their business as well. That is because specialized softwares can help them schedule work and perform group activities better and help in fundraising and management as well. There is no big or small organization that cannot get advantages from the smart use of custom tools.

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Types of Custom Software Development

Developing a customized software that is meeting the requirements and goals of your business in the existing era is the perfect solution for most of the businesses. The procedure includes conceptualizing, designing, building, and deploying a software for a specific business.

There are various kinds of customized softwares as every industry has their own requirements. We will now be going through the four types of customized software development.

1. Customized Product Development

Customized Product development is great for a business who is aiming to generate revenue from their software. This custom service covers the entire procedure of product development including strategizing, designing, developing, launching, maintaining, supporting, and expanding the product.

Customized product development includes various softwares including: 

  • Website based products
  • Mobile phone applications
  • SaaS-based applications

The greatest benefit of customized product development is that it is really cost effective. As product development is a whole long procedure, it is kind of expensive.

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2. Mobile App Development

Customized mobile app development is the best way to ensure getting a customized and satisfactory experience of the users. Enterprises of all sizes take advantage of custom mobile apps to make sure they are competitive and have more productivity. 

Customized app development is done for a specific audience and not for catering a lot of people with different needs. This is why customized mobile app development has been in trend nowadays and is beneficial for businesses.

Perks of custom mobile app development are:

‍Increased productivity

It facilitates smooth collaboration in the workplace by mixing different features to increase efficiency. 

More Revenue

Third-party alliance offers more services to your users and also makes them spend more money on your app which increases the revenue.

More scope of scalability

Decide the scalability of your application by the scope of your enterprise. Customized apps can be modified conveniently whenever needed.


Customized mobile app development lets you customize everything for your users. This means customized messaging, branding, and experience of the user.

Increased Safety

You can provide on-premises storage or just leverage the cloud for your customized mobile application.

3. Ecommerce Software Development

The ecommerce has been growing a lot with the competition getting stronger. Capturing the attention of a user has been really complicated and you go through a lot of challenges to do that. In order to meet the demands of your customer and make sure the user experience is great, Ecommerce companies have been getting customized software made.

The perks of developing custom eCommerce software are:

Can Include unique business procedures

Fixing the everyday challenges of a business is an important thing for ecommerce businesses which can be done with the help of a customized ecommerce software. This lets retailers control their everyday issues.

Increased scalability

Conveniently scalable by just adjusting to the changing needs as the business is growing.

Competitive perks

Online businesses will have to demand customized experiences to be different in this crowded field. Offering a unique user experience and competitive perks is the best way to do that.

4. Software as a Service Development

Software as a service (SaaS) is a really fast growing field in the technology industry. Developing a customized SaaS software allows companies to provide their users with access to applications online and removes the need of expensive and complicated hardware management. The correct software is created to fit the requirements of any SaaS client and is adaptable conveniently.

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The perks of custom SaaS development are:

Less upfront costs

Reduce the upfront costs linked to the purchase of normal softwares.

More Scalability

Just increase the scalability of your SaaS customized software according to the current needs of your clients.

Better safety level

SaaS is known to be safer than traditional methods of data storage. By using customized SaaS softwares, you can manage your data and keep it safe.

Easy data backup and recovery

Securely install and store data with the help of cloud storage in an online location.


Customized software is a great way to make an impact on your company. As a developer, you can do more proper research about custom software development to find the best solution for your business and your customers.

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Why is Custom Software so essential for a Business?

The first reason is that a custom software has a better investment to offer than a ready-made software. This is mainly because of the fact that the solution is custom made for your business and its requirements.
The next reason is that investing in any type of custom software gives you a method to grow your business in a better way. Relying on what your solution is designed to do, it will help in making or saving money. It can be by providing a point of purchase service in an app, or by saving the time of your employees by automating some of their every day work.
Moreover, developing a customized software for your business won’t charge you an arm and a leg, or take months for its development.
If you are willing to develop any kind of software for your business, Enou has an experienced team of developers to help you develop your product quickly, in a cost-effective way.

Why is custom software better than ready made solutions? 

Firstly, as custom software is customized according to your business requirements, and, because you can make changes by adding or removing some features whenever you want to, and, because custom software is user-friendly and instinctive.
We’ve talked about 15 best examples of custom softwares for your business. Check them out and consider adding them into your business model. Also, if you have any query, get in touch with us or leave a comment down below!

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