ENOU Labs is now Hapy Co 🎉 We’ll be writing on it soon. Stay Tuned!


A description of a few Hapy’s projects and Hapier founders

MailMunch  —  LeadGen & Email Marketing Suite

MailMunch provides web and email marketing tools for lead generation. We assisted in enhancing their design system and onboarding experience.

BlendedApp — School Management Platform

BlendedApp simplifies school management for administrators, teachers, students, and parents, serving both physical and remote institutions. We led the design and development of the entire platform.

RepairDesk — #1 rated ERP for Repair Stores

RepairDesk offers a specialized SaaS platform for the repair industry, integrating POS and ERP functionalities. We helped modernize their software interface and redesigned the website.

We helped Major Clout save 40%  compared to the costs of building and managing an in-house team.

Major Clout  —  Dispatching Academy

Major Clout Trucking, a top-tier transportation and logistics company in Texas, partnered with us to create an online course for dispatchers.

Best Diplomats  — Diplomatic Events Organisers

Best Diplomats, a New York-based diplomatic event organizing agency, collaborated with us to develop their custom resource management and planning software.

Remoty – Remote Team Management Platform

Remoty, a Slack bot, streamlines routine business tasks for remote teams. We optimized its UI/UX design for enhanced usability.

Trilla — Freight Management

Trilla, based in KSA, innovates freight matching with a distributed economy model. We crafted their mobile and web applications for seamless logistics management.

Meerak Security — Managing Security Squads

We collaborated with a Kentucky-based security company to develop a comprehensive suite for managing security sites, guards, and rosters.

EFANI — America’s Most Secure Mobile Service

Our contribution involved crafting a high-performing website paired with top-tier performance marketing strategies.