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Exciting, Fast-Paced Product Development for Ambitious Founders.

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Hapy is changing the way digital products are made...

Hapy teams up with awesome founders from all over the globe, bringing happiness to startups of all sizes. We're grateful to be part of their journeys, making a positive impact along the way.

Here’s our 30 seconds pitch …

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6x Faster Go-to market

Launch swiftly with fast turnaround for an effective go-to-market strategy
Lower Hourly Rates


savings compared to the costs of building and managing a team

Always Moving the Needle

Experience reporting 3 times more effective than traditional agency contracts


savings compared to the costs of building and managing a team

2 Product Releases a Month

What you see is what you get. Accelerate delivery cycles based on user feedback and business goals

Top 3% Talent

Benefit from Hapy's extensive experience and exposure

And a simple proven formula

Starting with Hapy is a breeze. Have a chat, pick a plan. No complications, just easy growth.

Discovery Call

Kick off with a friendly meeting, ask any questions you have and choose a plan that fits your needs.

Onboarding Journey

Meet your dedicated team, understand Hapy's process, and gear up for unparalleled efficiency.


Experience accelerated project execution, reduce hiring costs, and launch your product 6 times faster with top-tier talent, all without complicated contracts.


Scale your product effortlessly, staying ahead of its evolving needs while staying in tune with your users and their feedback.

Ready to get started?

Dive in with Hapy and turn your vision into reality, effortlessly!

"They offer competitive rates, and we’re impressed that they know what they’re doing."
Max Gonchar
Manager, FRP Repair

Not Just Technology Partners

Hapy assembles a dedicated execution team specifically for you, poised to achieve whatever you envision.

Top Team

Collaborate with the top 3% talent, instrumental in the success of numerous startups. Benefit from their extensive experience and exposure for your project’s success.

Complete Transparency

Achieve full transparency with bullet-proof reporting. Utilize an open-door policy—chat or call your team, exchange ideas, and get swift deliveries.

Starting from just $1919/month

one flat fee per month gets you the freedom to build solid products

Access to Dashboard & Client Portal

Fast-Paced Product Development

Get to Market 6x faster

30% Cheaper Than Inhouse Team

Scale easy, Pay as You Go

Rapid Release Cycle

No rigid terms. Pay as you go. Enjoy the freedom to scale up or down as per your product demands.

We are a best fit if you know these 4 things

freelancers are lazy, and agencies often come across as cunning

You’re tired of freelancers not putting in enough effort and agencies always trying to be too clever. It’s frustrating!

creating and scaling a startup is not a one-off task, you need to pivot everyday

building a product isn’t just a one-time thing. You’ve got to change things up every day to stay in the game. You gotta stay flexible and roll with the punches. That’s how you stay ahead and make it big.

you don’t have to handle iterative tasks yourself when you can delegate them

Delegating tasks frees up your time to focus on what really matters. By trusting others with these routine jobs, you can streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and achieve more in less time.

you dislike limitations and prefer to keep things simple and fast

You don’t like being held back. You prefer things easy and quick. Keeping stuff simple helps you get things done fast without any hassle. That’s your style – straightforward and speedy.

People who are mad Hapy

We reached founders across the globe. Our work has brought success to startups of all sizes. See what global smiles look like – join the Hapy journey.

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When it comes to the results, we are very sure that they are one of the best partners. We have worked with them for a long time and have achieved many client-milestones with their team.
Twila Kate McDonald
Founder, TwoWayDigital Ireland
We worked with them to build an online course portal for our students, and we loved the results. They made everything easy. They also did a great job at meeting deadlines. Communicate openly with them, and they’ll bring your ideas to life.
Gerald Albritton
Founder, Major Clout Trucking
We were able to build a modern product design that our merchants love. The best part is their ability to think outside the box and deliver original ideas for your product.
Usman Butt
CEO, RepairDesk Inc.
"Their understanding of the users and industry was impressive."
Mahad Ahmad
CEO, Remoty, Inc.
The team is efficient, and they respond and fix issues quickly.
Afshan Shafi
Founder, Pandemonium Journal

some of our favorite industries

creating digital products tailored to the demands of unique businesses


  • ERPs and POS Systems
  • Remote School Management
  • HR & Payroll Management

Fintech & Blockchain

  • Intelligent & Protected SIMs
  • ROSCA Management
  • Research Management

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Gadget Marketplaces
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Freight & Dispatch

Interested? Talk to Hamid.

He’s our co-founder at Hapy. Great at listening and loves connecting founders with top-notch tech talent.

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most of the frequently asked questions

What if I run out of work?

You can pause your subscription anytime you like and pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

How does the reporting look like?

When you sign up you will be added to a shared BaseCamp project. Members from both teams will collaborate on this project management application. You can track progress in real-time.

As a general practice, we hold one meeting every week for planning and delivery.

Is there a request limit?

No, there are no limits to the amount of design and development requests you make. Make as many as you want, each will be added to our backlog and the team will pull tasks from the backlog according to the priority.

Can I get tasks of various nature done in parallel?

Yes, you can. We encourage you to share all sorts of business requirements related to design and development work and we take care of the execution.