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Navigating AI Complexity

Struggling to implement AI solutions? Our AI experts guide you through the complexities of AI integration, ensuring your strategies align with your business goals. They provide clarity, direction, and hands-on support to achieve impactful results with AI.

Maximizing ROI

Unsure how to maximize your investment in AI? Our consultants help you achieve significant returns by identifying the most impactful AI applications for your business. They craft data-driven strategies and optimize AI models to deliver measurable outcomes.

Accelerating Innovation

Want to stay ahead of the competition? An AI expert accelerates your innovation journey by introducing advanced AI technologies tailored to your industry. They help you harness the power of AI to develop new products, enhance services, and drive business growth.

Custom AI Solutions

Facing unique business challenges? Our AI consultants design and implement custom AI solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s predictive analytics, machine learning models, or automation tools, they deliver solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore the projects our AI experts have handled in over 30 industries

Hapy teams up with awesome founders from all over the globe, bringing happiness to startups of all sizes. We're grateful to be part of their journeys, making a positive impact along the way.

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Why Hire Us as Your AI Expert?

Save time and money while we get you ready to launch in no time!

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Avoid Lengthy Hiring Processes

Fast-track your AI initiatives with our experienced consultants. Skip the lengthy hiring process and start benefiting from expert AI guidance immediately.

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Bridge the AI Knowledge Gap

Leverage cutting-edge AI expertise to tackle your unique challenges. Our specialists provide insights and solutions that bridge any gaps in your in-house capabilities.

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Stay Flexible & Save Money

Enjoy the freedom to adapt as you go with our no-contract, pay-as-you-go model while getting expert AI guidance tailored to your needs.

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Get Started ASAP

Schedule a call today to see if we’re a good fit. Get an experienced AI expert onboard and up to speed within just 3 days!

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Our Areas of Expertise

Medical Image Analysis Solutions

Enhance diagnostic accuracy with AI-powered analysis of medical images, improving patient outcomes and streamlining healthcare processes.

Object Detection and Tracking Solutions

Optimize surveillance and automation with precise object detection and real-time tracking capabilities.

Image Enhancement and Restoration Services

Revitalize and enhance image quality using AI-driven techniques for clarity and detail restoration.

AI-Powered Image Generation and Editing Solutions

Create and edit images effortlessly with AI, offering endless creative possibilities for various industries.

Advanced Chatbot Development and Automated SEO Content Creation

Deploy intelligent chatbots that provide personalized customer support and boost your content strategy with AI-generated text tailored for SEO.

Invoice and Document Processing Automation

Streamline your operations by automating invoice and document processing, reducing manual effort and errors.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Enhance marketing efforts with AI-driven customer segmentation and personalized recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Transform raw data into actionable insights with advanced BI and data visualization tools, supporting informed decision-making.

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Protect your business with AI solutions that detect fraudulent activities and manage risks efficiently.

Recommendation Systems

Boost sales and user satisfaction with personalized recommendation systems that suggest relevant products and services.

Customer Churn Prediction

Identify at-risk customers and implement strategies to retain them with AI-powered churn prediction models.

Call the right shots when hiring fractional an AI Expert 

As you make a decision to hire an AI expert, know how Hapy can help

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Evaluate your current and future technical requirements. Determine if your startup truly needs a full-time AI expert or if a fractional AI expert or consultancy could suffice.


Hiring a full-time AI expert is a significant financial commitment. Ensure your budget can accommodate their salary, benefits, and potential equity.

No Strings Attached

Access AI expertise whenever you need it without long-term commitments. Perfect for small and medium-scale startups, play your hand wisely without going all in on a single bet.

Launch Late, Fail Miserably

Hiring a fracti AI expert helps you save time and launch early. When you launch late, you end up with a product that doesn’t meet users’ needs, and you fail big time.

Hapy guarantees you get a best-fit AI expert in 3 days

Easy, fast, and effective, with no long-term commitments or obligations

We're like modern-day matchmakers, connecting startups with the perfect AI experts.

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What is covered in the discovery call?

Its a no obligation call. We talk about your business needs and discuss how Hapy can help.

How is Hapy’s approach different?

We make it easy. Chat with us, meet your AI expert, build a great digital product, and scale swiftly.

Track and field-cuate

some of the frequently asked questions

How many hours do AI experts dedicate to one project? 

Typically, our AI experts allocate 4 hours per day per project, but the hours can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

Does Hapy help with hiring other talent apart from AI experts? 

Yes, we do. We encourage you to share all your business requirements related to AI solutions, design, and development work, and we take care of the execution.

What if I run out of work?

You can pause your subscription anytime you like and pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

How does the reporting look like?

When you sign up, you will be added to a shared BaseCamp project. Members from both teams will collaborate on this project management application. You can track progress in real-time.