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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Part-Time CTO

Written By Sidrah Nizami – Last Modified On May 15, 2024

If you want to grow your startup company and meet your targets quickly, hiring part-time CTOs will be the best thing you can do for your business. You can also hire a part-time CTO whenever you require technical assistance. However, they typically control how all finance and technology space is used within a company.

One of the most crucial executive decisions determining the development and growth of your company is choosing the proper chief technology officer (CTO) at the correct time. When and how to hire a CTO for a startup depends on many different aspects. Since every business is unique, every startup may require a CTO at a different time.

Employing and hiring CTO as a service may even work against some people. We’ll discuss how to choose the right person for the CTO role, when to do so, and whether you need one.

Who Is a Part-Time CTO?

Although not easy, the track from developer to CTO is well paved. There are numerous motivations to seek it and numerous approaches to succeed in the position. Perhaps you were a company’s first developer on the ground, or perhaps a friend came to you with a significant offer. Types of chief technology officers may be in charge of a company’s network, security, and data.

For startups, part-time virtual CTOs make it simpler to find a leader for a set period without making any compromises. For the duration of their obligations, your CTO will take care of all of their duties.

Or perhaps you’re actively looking for that important C-level latest job alert. However, you can employ methods to develop yourself into the greatest CTO you can be. This can be done by learning from other engineers who have done the same thing, whether you’re thinking about the future or prepared to start seeking the key responsibilities right away.

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Difference Between a Part-Time CTO and a Full-Time CTO

The general technical direction of the company is under the purview of both positions.

The two functions do differ in several significant ways, though. To begin with, the full-time CTO is a salaried person, whereas the fractional CTO services are typically engaged on a contract or part-time basis.

As a result, the fractional CTO is often not as active in the organisation’s day-to-day activities and works fewer hours than the full-time CTO.

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Another significant distinction is that the fractional CTO is frequently hired to assist with a particular project or endeavour, such as creating a new product or adopting new business objectives technology.

On the other hand, the full-time CTO is in charge of the organisation’s overall technological direction and frequently plays a more strategic role. Lastly, the fractional CTO could not have the same level of expertise as the full-time CTO.

This may not necessarily be bad because it may allow the fractional CTO to offer the business a novel viewpoint. It’s crucial to remember, too, that the fractional CTO might not possess the same breadth of knowledge as the full-time CTO.

The main difference between a part-time CTO and a fractional CTO is that the latter only handles a portion of the tasks, while the former does all but only occasionally. If a business owner is unsure about how to use a part-time CTO successfully, they might choose to hire one and have him assess their needs.

How to hire a Part-Time CTO?

Due to the complexity and unfamiliarity of many of the responsibilities involved in managing and directing a tech team, it is crucial for business owners to know how to hire CTO consulting services. 

Sometimes founders with a solely business perspective cannot set up a new product plan, select the proper architecture, locate the ideal technology, manage the maintenance of the generated product, etc. 

Examine the applicant’s employment history to see how productive they were in their former positions and how they contributed to the successes of their past businesses. Ask applicants about difficulties they have faced and how they overcame them during the process of hiring CTO services. You can also get in touch with previous employers to acquire review time frames on your work performance.

Make sure they have a broad education and know how their actions may affect society. A CTO should understand how the technological component of their job ties into the commercial goals of your organisation and be in line with those goals.

When to Hire a Part-Time CTO?

You can also hire a part-time CTO by first going through  CTO as a service guide whenever you require technical assistance. However, they typically control how all technology is used within a company.

A part-time CTO would be ideal if you need one but lack the funds to engage a full-time CTO. Due to working for numerous companies, fractional CTOs have encountered a wide range of issues. For a small fraction of the cost, you may acquire the knowledge and credentials of a full-time CTO. If your business is expanding quickly, your data may be dispersed around the organisation and difficult to manage. 

Part-time CTO’s aid in implementing technological platforms that simplify managing business data. Hiring a part-time CTO would be a great alternative if your CTO has retired and you need a qualified expert to monitor your current systems on a temporary or long-term basis.

Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time CTO

Hiring a part-time CTO can receive your required assistance without committing to a full-time schedule. Having a part-time CTO has numerous advantages. Following are the reasons for what makes a good CTO:

They can offer technical assistance as required without being there all the time to interfere with your job alert. It makes it possible to concentrate on creating goods and services that address problems.

A part-time employee is less expensive to hire than a full-time employee. They can assist in mentoring and training your internal team to be a CTO. It is especially helpful if you intend to grow your company and eventually need to go through a CTO as a service Guide and hire a CTO.

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1. Supplying Guidance and Effective Leadership.

Most startups make the extremely common error of adopting a “go with the flow” attitude when utilising technology. However, it’s imperative to keep in mind that without guidance, efforts are essentially useless.

The qualities of leadership and clear directions will become increasingly important as your firm expands (which is what you should be aiming for).

Your business can benefit from the strategic leadership and guidance that a part-time CTO can offer by employing technology to further its goals.

2. Long-term Preparation and Execution

Startups can hire a part-time CTO as a cost-effective way to acquire access to valuable leadership that can manage ongoing IT/tech operations while also making long-term plans.

A part-time CTO may strategically evaluate your company’s strengths, difficulties, and opportunities for technology investment and execution, whether they take the shape of a seasoned expert, a consultant, or an agency.

3. Openness and Responsibility

If you choose to hire a part-time or fractional CTO, you can choose to sign shorter contracts (between 30 and 90 days long); however, if you choose to hire a full-time CTO, you’ll probably need to commit to a longer-term (2-3 years and above.)

A part-time CTO will give your organisation greater flexibility in reducing its financial risks as you see appropriate than a full-time CTO.

This perk is also helpful if you are truly seeking a traditional CTO but haven’t been able to find the proper candidates. In this situation, a partial CTO can assist bridge the gap until you locate the ideal candidate.

4. Flexibility Is One’s Dedication

Better accountability and transparency for each team member’s job are made possible by effective leadership.

This is where a part-time CTO may help the IT staff better understand what it takes to produce significant results, which could ultimately improve work morale, employee happiness, and task confidence.

If hiring a full-time CTO is not currently feasible or desirable, outsourcing to a part-time or fractional CTO may be a more sensible option. This can help your team work more transparently and with greater accountability by creating a detailed but realistic plan where everyone is clear about their responsibilities and what the other team members are working on.

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5. Insights and Information

Utilising a part-time CTO would also offer access to the agency’s, consultant’s, or person’s expertise.

This can help IT and tech projects by supplying them with crucial strategic insights to help them advance more easily toward their goals. To win the competition, the organisation might become more effective and efficient.

6. Increased Effectiveness

A part-time CTO can simply concentrate on creating and implementing their strategy rather than dealing with internal disagreements and politics due to lower financial obligations and cost-effectiveness.

Organisations can now relieve the part-time CTO of the needless administrative duties by outsourcing to a fractional CTO, allowing them to concentrate on accomplishing the IT objectives and other more crucial duties.

7. Greater Expertise for Improved Approach

Expertise is crucial for any CTO because it is a C-level position. Still, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a CTO with a wide range of experience across many businesses and specialities.

You can access a professional or organisation with this wider variety of knowledge by hiring a fractional CTO. This will enable the part-time CTO to create and implement more creative tactics and strategies in your company.

What is the salary of a Part-Time CTO? 

In the United States, a Part-Time CTO makes an average salary of $257,971 annually. Suppose you need a quick pay estimator that comes out to be about $149.2 per hour. This equates to $21,497 every month or $3,582 per week.

Most Part-Time CTO salary today fall between the 25th percentile range of $91,500 and the 75th percentile of $200,000, with the top 90th percentile earners in the United States getting $248,500 yearly. 

Why Should Your Startup Hire a Part-Time CTO?

Hiring a chief technology officer (CTO) is a significant turning point for any startup. However, it might also turn out to be expensive and challenging.

The search for a dedicated CTO is frequently challenging to manage since senior and experienced chief technology officers are becoming increasingly rare or pricey and because many company founders come from non-technical backgrounds. Even creating a strong shortlist might be challenging.

Some industry experts believe hiring a CTO should happen during the startup or Series that is the funding stage, while others believe it should happen immediately. There is also a frame of thinking that contends it is appropriate to employ a part-time or temporary one for a particular project or rollout.

It is true for big businesses with intricate systems requiring specialists. But a part-time CTO is the best option for most small to medium-sized organisations.

For instance, if your business cannot afford the cost of a full-time hire, there is no purpose in considering one. However, even if you have the money on hand, it’s still feasible that a fractional CTO will provide you with greater value. Make a list of everything you’ll expect from your CTO to help you figure this out.

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Bottom Line

The chief technology officer assists startups and established businesses in managing the development team, adhering to deadlines, budgets, and developing new markets from scratch or improving existing technological solutions.

The CTO must have in-depth technical knowledge, directly support management, have great communication skills, and the capacity to function under pressure to achieve this goal.

A CTO can be hired slightly differently than a team member or manager. In this situation, you seek someone who not only possesses the necessary qualifications but also shares your goals for the company’s vision. Finding someone in one’s professional network is typical, but it might be a little more challenging.

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How Much Does a CTO Make?

The average CTO salary is $164,349 per year. For businesses in various areas and industries, salaries range. However, the typical CTO salary is between $90,000 and $248,000.

How Many Years of Experience Should an Interim CTO Have?

If you want to hire CTO as service, you must first gain on-the-job experience in an IT-related function before you can become an Interim CTO. Before a candidate is taken into consideration for an executive-level position, many employers demand that they have a minimum of five to ten years of experience. Experience in web software development, chief information officer security management, and common engineering functions might be helpful for this part time exempt position.

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