ENOU Labs is now Hapy Co 🎉 We’ll be writing on it soon. Stay Tuned!


Bring life to your Startup, build your dream product effortlessly

USD 5999/month
Billed Monthly  —  Pay as you go for your short term commitments
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1 Designer

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1 Developer

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1 Project Manager

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Access to Customer Portal

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Weekly Reporting

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Bi-weekly Iterative Releases

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USD 4799/month
Billed Quarterly  —  Focus more on your idea and leave execution to us
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Everything in Basic

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Save flat 20% off

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When it comes to the results, we are very sure that they are one of the best partners. We have worked with them for a long time and have achieved many client-milestones with their team.
Twila Kate McDonald
Founder, TwoWayDigital Ireland

While some agencies make product development a puzzle, we keep it simple and provide everything you need to thrive — no unnecessary fuss.

Personalised Onboarding

We guide you through onboarding with a friendly tour of our practices and a chat about our work ethics. It's that simple.

Dedicated Team

Collaborate closely with our team of experienced professionals, gaining the essential insights you need to succeed.

Realtime Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates, know what we're doing and where are we heading. 

Complete timezone coverage

We operate around the clock, ensuring support and availability in every timezone.

Support of multiple projects

Get stuff done for more than one projects simultaneously

Pause Anytime

Pause your subscription when you need a break, and resume whenever you're ready

Submit, approve & revise tasks

Easily submit, approve, and revise tasks with our user-friendly system, ensuring smooth workflow and collaboration.

Regular Reporting

See the needle moving with consistent reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Explore Add-ons

Supercharge your team by getting add-ons like digital marketing, content creation etc. all under one roof

We are a best fit if you know these 4 things

freelancers are lazy, and agencies often come across as cunning

You’re tired of freelancers not putting in enough effort and agencies always trying to be too clever. It’s frustrating!

creating and scaling a startup is not a one-off task, you need to pivot everyday

building a product isn’t just a one-time thing. You’ve got to change things up every day to stay in the game. You gotta stay flexible and roll with the punches. That’s how you stay ahead and make it big.

you don’t have to handle iterative tasks yourself when you can delegate them

Delegating tasks frees up your time to focus on what really matters. By trusting others with these routine jobs, you can streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and achieve more in less time.

you dislike limitations and prefer to keep things simple and fast

You don’t like being held back. You prefer things easy and quick. Keeping stuff simple helps you get things done fast without any hassle. That’s your style – straightforward and speedy.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re smart.
We will enjoy working with you.

some of the frequently asked questions

How does Hapy’s subscription work?

You’ll pay using a checkout link with your preferred debit or credit card, and we’ll charge you a subscription based on how often you want to be billed—monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Are there any discounts?

You can get crazy discounts on quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments plans.

What if I run out of work?

You can pause your subscription anytime and start again whenever you’re ready. No need to worry about wasting money

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Plan?

Yes, absolutely. Just let your project manager know.