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How to hire a dedicated development team in 2024?

Written By Sidrah Nizami – Last Modified On April 19, 2024

Companies worldwide realized internal teams were no longer the most effective way to conduct business after the COVID-19 outbreak.  Entrepreneurs are now maintaining their business procedures through the outsourcing strategy.  What should you do, though, if you require technical assistance for various problems?  To address this issue, consider hiring a dedicated software development team.

Businesses can hire a dedicated development team by using software development service agencies to get an experienced staff without having to do many interviews.

A quick and efficient onboarding process isn’t the only benefit of choosing dedicated teams.  In this post, we’ll discuss the various benefits of working with a Dedicated software team to meet your needs.

What is a dedicated development team?

It is a dedicated software development team that is outsourced and collaborates with a client.  This team of specialists was assembled to assist you in achieving your particular business goals; they share many traits with your internal teams, and, once your program is completed, they essentially become an extension of your company.

Finding a reliable, dedicated team that will carry out your company’s vision within a limited budget and period can be challenging.  In most cases, mid-sized companies and large corporations use specialized development teams to produce new goods or carry out technological activities in which they lack expertise. 

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Dedicated Development Team Vs. Fixed Price Model

1) Fixed Price

This sort of engagement entails a fixed price for the execution of the project, as the name suggests.  You have agreed to the cost and the delivery arrangements, so you can now rest easy.  It sounds so easy and alluring.  In actuality, things might not be all that pleasant.  A fixed price makes the supposition that your product’s specifications are unchangeable. 

This doesn’t preclude the possibility of changing the specs while the project is still in progress.  Just keep in mind that any suggested changes will necessitate additional implementation costs and an analysis of the potential effects they may have on the remaining portions of the project. 

It may be the case that some functionality has already been implemented following the new requirements if the changes are made late in the project.


  • The timeline and budget are fixed.
  • The supplier accepts full responsibility for the product’s quality.
  • The customer need not devote time to keeping track of the development process.  Participation is only required when the project’s next step is approved. 
  • The customer only communicates with the assigned project manager, who simultaneously oversees the project’s stages and delivery schedule.


  • A challenge in changing the specs once the project has begun.
  • Frequently, the consumer is unfamiliar with the project’s developers.
  • The set pricing could be more expensive than it would be if the customer paid for the actual work because the vendor assumes the project’s risks.

2) Dedicated Development Team 

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Consider selecting the Dedicated Team if your project will take more than six months to complete and you need to keep knowledge within the team.  This engagement model and Time & Material are incredibly similar in concept.  The primary distinction is that a full-time staff is assigned to your project and does not work on projects for any other clients.


  • Requirements can be changed after a project has begun, just like T&M.
  • Customers are familiar with “their” team, and all team members are available for full-time work.
  • Because there is little worker turnover, project knowledge is kept.
  • Because you are aware of the costs of the dedicated software development team, the project budget is more predictable than it would be under the Time & Material approach.
  • Dedicated outsourcers are your best bet if you need to bolster your internal workforce.


  • Whether or not the team is working on projects, you must pay for the team every month.
  • The budget and project schedule should be strictly managed compared to the Fixed Price. 
  • A customer representative or a vendor manager can take care of this.  To manage the rate of development, it is crucial to establish the budget’s parameters and conduct a thorough analysis of the project metrics.

Dedicated Development Team Vs Fixed Price

There isn’t a single response to this query, depending on the kind of job that will be carried out. Choose the Dedicated Team option for long-term collaboration with a higher level of complexity and the need for adaptation.

For projects lasting 1-2 months, the fixed price approach is preferable (i.e., small mobile applications or proof of concept).  The chance of requirements changing in this circumstance is low, and the project may simply be managed using the Waterfall process.

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A committed team is the most incredible option for a long-term collaboration since team members keep the expertise in both the business domain and the codebase for coding. As a result, work will be done over time more effectively and quickly than it would be with part-time professionals.  It is advised to appoint a project manager who will routinely keep track of the necessary project metrics and key performance indicators to avoid blowing through the budget before the release.

Time & Material Model

The time and materials model will typically involve paying for the time and effort put into developing, which is the actual time spent utilizing the project’s anticipated functions.  The most common contract type used in outsourcing is this one.  It is considered versatile, practical, and even adaptable to new adjustments.  The actual cost will typically be different than the predicted cost while creating the budget.  Payment for the actual work completed will be made every month.


  • It provides more flexibility because adjustments may be made without affecting your budget.
  • This strategy is low risk since it has a flexible and negotiable budget that benefits both sides in a win-win situation.
  • Instead of pre-planning everything, this model enables you to move forward with each iteration until you have a strong MVP.


  • Budget control is weak because the total cost can go over the planned budget if you ask for more features.
  • It takes full cooperation, which involves investing a lot of effort in communicating with the development team.
  • There can be a delay in the publication date if you make several modifications.

Dedicated Development Team Vs. Time & Material Model

Paying for the effort and time spent on development is a component of the time and material outsourcing approach.  It implies paying the development outsourcing provider hourly for application and web development.  The most typical outsourcing strategy is this one.  It is regarded as versatile, practical, and adaptable.

If you’re concerned about controlling your expenses, time and material can be a terrific solution.  Startups should select a dedicated team structure when starting a lengthy project.  Long-term initiatives frequently have a scope that changes over time and have a strong potential for expansion.

Therefore, having an outsourcing model that ensures maximum flexibility would be beneficial.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team


Traditionally, recruiting a team of developers has involved paying for office space, onboarding and training charges, and other legal costs.  Because dedicated development teams operate remotely, fewer expenses are incurred without sacrificing the level of work.

Hiring a Dedicated development team saves you the time and effort of personally evaluating and selecting people for your project’s team. They will send you a couple of specialists that are qualified for the job after the scope and requirements are specified.

As a result, the pay scale can be modified based on the demands of the position.  It’s a terrific method to simplify your spending and ultimately save your business a lot of money.

Complete command

Your development team, which consists of everyone from coders and designers to project managers and business analysts, may be chosen, inspired, and managed directly by you.  In this situation, you will need to track progress, communicate, create workflows, assess performance, manage tasks, etc., instead of just setting the team’s timetable.

Hiring a group of programmers is similar to having an internal team working from a remote office in terms of having control over the development process.  A dedicated hiring model allows you to delegate micromanagement to your dedicated project manager.


Flexibility is one of the main benefits of having a committed team of web developers.  While you can work on other things, they can devote all their time to one project.

Both larger businesses and startups must be able to be flexible.  A company’s increased team project management and control level is a priceless asset.  It also means that you can get in touch with the team, and they will adjust the job if you need modifications made while it is being done.


An outsourced development team gives a company the necessary workflow agility.  As they must apply the same skills and specialties to every project, internal teams frequently lack this agility and adaptability.

However, a focused team enables you to make pertinent hires to the task.

Startups that want accuracy and dynamism without going bankrupt or losing control of the job can profit from this solution.

Enhanced productivity

In the quickly changing software sector, productivity and speed of work are essential.  By making these adjustments, you may give your company a competitive edge.  Since devoted developers are used to dealing with outsourced businesses, there is no need to adapt.

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Dedicated development teams contribute a wealth of expertise from their years of productive, creative, and efficient collaboration.

Worldwide talent is available.

Access to a global talent pool opens opportunities and gives your company a new facet.  These experts can enhance the capabilities of your IT stack thanks to their experience and knowledge—often at very affordable costs.

You benefit from hiring Indian programmers because of this.  Indian professionals are capable of providing cutting-edge technological solutions at reasonable costs.  They can also co-develop solutions with your internal IT team.

Support and maintenance

A dedicated development team goes beyond just creating and delivering goods to you.  Throughout and after the deployment of your work system, they offer knowledgeable support.

These new procedures and programs these teams have developed will also be taught to your full-time workers.  It will contribute to ensuring sustained client satisfaction.

Administration and communication

An internal team that works in a separate office is comparable to a specialized development team.  You manage your outsourced workforce directly, and you choose the best communication frequency for you.  Numerous communication platforms available now offer great chances for openness and productive dialogue. 

With the aid of these technologies, committed teams may update clients on their activities and the project’s status.  Even though you can manage the team directly, including organizing meetings and establishing workflows, you may alternatively delegate the micromanagement to your committed project manager.

Exceptional Infrastructure

A full-fledged IT department with cutting-edge equipment and methods for designing, developing, testing, and launching sophisticated software systems can be costly.

The ideal outsourcing service provider has the infrastructure required to manage projects of all sizes, levels of complexity, and types while producing the best outcomes.

You can make sure the best and most up-to-date tools are being utilized to produce any tech product, no matter how difficult, by hiring a development team.

Equipment, gear, software, virtual tools, human resources, and development approaches that aren’t essential to your company’s operations are less expensive thanks to this method of capital conservation.

Dedicated and focused approach

A committed development staff becomes a vital component of your business and is entirely committed to your purpose.  Your preferred techniques and management procedures serve as a roadmap for committed teams.

Our development team is committed to your project and determined to realize your vision and hit your goal without detours.  Such a high degree of participation enables the team to be more effective and productive while better understanding your organization’s needs.

Who Is In A Dedicated Team?

A business model known as a “Dedicated Team” describes an arrangement between a customer and service provider in which the latter commits to regularly sending the client software development personnel.  These experts are picked based on the client’s experience and requirements.  The client can assign the project manager of the service provider to oversee the team or manage it themselves. Typically, the unit operates out of the services provider’s office.

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The dedicated team model has a very straightforward and open pricing structure: monthly fees are based on the team size.  The payment is made up of the salary of the members and the service provider’s charge, which covers administrative costs.

Interviewing Steps and Questions of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Interviewing Steps and Questions of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

The interview is crucial when you must carefully assess the developers’ abilities.  Consequently, the interview.  The process involves several communication avenues that are involved in various communication stages. 

Consequently, we will consider many of the most fundamental interviewing techniques so that you can select the best one for you.  Your expectations, professional objectives, and project specifications should all be discussed during the initial meeting.  

Making a Phone call

about the developers’ resumes, levels of expertise, and more.  You must schedule a time for a video interview to gauge the candidates’ competence level during the phone call.  You may transmit a few beneficial activities to complete.

The initial call lasts for 20 to 30 minutes.  This time is sufficient to form a preliminary assessment of the candidate.

Video Interview

You must assess the candidates’ hard and soft skills during this interview.

Hard skills are essential for the job of a developer.  They come with the necessary training and expertise to produce technological goods.  These talents are frequently included in job descriptions.

Without a technical foundation, testing the developers’ hard skills is impossible.  Therefore, you must collaborate with a software consultant aware of what a CTO does.

You have a good understanding of the business up to this point, so that you can approach with a list of interview questions.  More challenging questions can be added or modified to help with the assessment.

A list of common inquiries from a developer during interviews

  • What are your favorite programming languages?
  • What matters when you examine someone’s code?
  • What have you discovered this week or yesterday?
  • What motivates you to code?
  • What recent technical difficulty did you encounter, and how did you overcome it?
  • Describe your desired software development environment for us—tools, editors, browsers, operating systems, etc.
  • Can you give three tips for reducing website load time?
  • Who is your IT industry role model?
  • What website or app irritates you, and why?
  • What should you do if an app stops functioning?
  • Tell us about a time when you had to react to unfavorable criticism.
  • What difficulties might one have when developing an application’s front end?
  • With which APIs have you worked?
  • What will be the major trend in web development in the future?
  • What is the primary distinction between creating for mobile and desktop?
  • Can you spot the mistake in this code?
  • (display a code with purposeful defects, then request that interviewees debug it)

Document Signature

The penultimate step before the development process begins is contract signing.

The full name of the services, the price, the method of payment, and the delivery mechanism should all be included in a legitimate contract.  You must sign an NDA agreement to safeguard your project idea if you haven’t already.  Even though the development process is unpredictable and several unanticipated events may cause the agreed-upon time frame to change, you shouldn’t worry about it.  The agreement may be extended whenever necessary.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Here, we’ll briefly go over some circumstances in which hiring dedicated development teams can be very beneficial.  There may be particular projects or possibilities when hiring the right team is the wisest move.  However, one thing unites all of these circumstances: the work that needs to be done.  As a result, you form or hire dedicated teams because your business has a challenging long-term project calling for a particular set of abilities, expertise, or specialized knowledge.

Limited internal resources

There is not enough time for your internal developers to finish the job.  Most likely, your project has become too large, or you are currently dealing with several new problems.

Expertise in the field

You lack the necessary professionals in your organization, despite needing them to complete your project.

Need for the squad right away

Your business doesn’t have time to devote to the hiring process or other HR-related tasks.  You must therefore put together a team immediately away.

To be more scalable with purpose

Of course, a time may come when your business needs additional scalability.  You cannot wait for your software engineers to finish their current work in this situation.

Signs That You Shouldn’t Hire Dedicated Development Team

Having devoted development staff is advantageous, but sometimes it’s not the best action.  When you don’t have a budget and no money for marketing, you shouldn’t recruit a dedicated development staff.  Investigate both further.

No budget for development

Without a development budget, hiring a software development agency is probably pointless. The labor and the cost of the materials serve as the two pricing deciding elements for applications (required time to build features and functions into the live app).

Budget constraints prohibit you from fully obtaining bids and contextualizing your development project.

You Lack Marketing Funds

Successful startups don’t disregard anything.  Marketing is an essential expense that many co-founders overlook.  Consider developing a product that no one has heard of.  That could happen if you don’t have a marketing budget.

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Communication between your target market and your startup ends when you stop marketing your application.  Customers are left in the dark about your startup and your new offering.  Additionally, they will drop your brand if they are already aware of your product.

Now that you know what makes up a dedicated software development team and some examples of its use, you can make an informed decision.  There is yet more to it.

Middle-Term And Short-Term Projects

You don’t need a committed, involved crew for small projects with clearly defined requirements.  A team of individuals must complete the duties assigned when the job scope is precisely defined.  In this scenario, the Time Material method is appropriate for middle-term businesses, whereas a set pricing model is ideal for short-term initiatives.

Limited resources and time

A dedicated team model is not the most outstanding choice when your project budget is fixed.  Sometimes you simply don’t need a full-time project manager or designer.  In this instance, a fixed-price approach is more than adequate to provide the desired outcome.

The Project’s Scope Is Completely Definable

You should avoid hiring a professional development team when your project has a precise execution plan, all features are planned, and there is no room for compromise.  Depending on the job size, you should choose between fixed-price or Time Material models.

How to hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Now that you know the potential benefits of hiring a development team, let us tell you how you plan to create one effectively for your company.

Clearly State Your Requirements

When a company hires dedicated developers, it first communicates all of the necessary information to the vendor firm, including deadlines, objectives, project scope, and other specifications.  The vendor company begins assembling a team of software developers for you based on your provided data. 

Be careful to express your objectives and specifications to a vendor in a written and conversational form.  This will aid in streamlining the process and assist the vendor in finding the best developers.

Interview Potential Prospects

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While your vendor assists you in hiring a team of developers, meeting with each team member is advisable.  You need to be sure that the team you hire understands your corporate objectives and shares your way of thinking.  Conducting interviews with the team members can assist you and the team in future efficient communication.  You can always request a replacement if you feel a candidate is unfit for the position.

Start Your Group

Your vendor assembles the team after you are confident in the applicants, ready to advance your company.  Additionally, the launch process takes up a little of your time once you’ve conducted interviews with every team member.

Decide How You Want To Be Updated

You would want to know how things are going and what has been accomplished.  You will need to plan project updates because this team of committed web developers may operate remotely from various locations.  The project manager may provide daily updates to some persons, while the project manager may choose to provide weekly updates to others.

Make sure to communicate with your outsourced team the same way you choose.

How Much Does Hiring Dedicated Development Team Cost?

The price plan is relatively straightforward in a committed team.  Since you hired a team, you only pay for the hours worked because each member has a defined hourly rate.  The only thing you have to pay for is this.  Renting a team office, buying equipment, paying taxes, paying power bills, and other expenses are not additional charges.

A dedicated software development team can be hired for much less money and much more quickly than searching for each person separately with the HR staff.

Several variables will determine the cost.  What sort of project do you want to have created?  How difficult is it?  Do you need a one-time project finished by a group of professionals for a fixed cost, or do you need continuous maintenance and assistance from your developer after deployment?

Consider that you need developers for mobile app development.  The cost of recruiting in that situation might range from $30k to $150k per hour, depending on the nature and quantity of the application.  Hiring web developers might cost you anything from $25k to $250k.

Who To Hire for Your Dedicated Team?

The team of devoted software engineers is created depending on the needs of the client, some of which include:

  • Qualifications
  • Number of programmers and other professionals
  • Talent Abilities

The best nations for offshoring and outsourcing are given a quality index yearly based on their credentials.  With its proactive expertise, Ukraine has always held the top spot.

A development team is always reliant on the project’s requirements.  It enables the best possible hiring practices and project-specific customization.

These positions would make up a team of software developers who are solely focused on creating software:

Project Manager (PM)

They serve as the client’s point of contact with the team.  The entire team’s path is within the project manager’s control, including the workload, deadlines, and job allocation.

Enterprise Analyst

A business analyst researches the project’s business and technological aspects.

A business analyst’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that a product meets the company’s objectives and technical requirements in a high-quality manner.

Designers of UI/UX

They must be in charge of the user interface and website design of the product.

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Identification of user difficulties and attempts to address them through design are the primary objectives of UI/UX designers.  The task allocated to this is to produce a visually appealing style, user-friendly interface, and reasonably priced bespoke design.

Software Professionals

Both front-end and back-end programmers make up these software development specialists.

The front-end developers make the visible portion of the product:

  • Layout
  • programming for users
  • performance improvement

Back-end programmers are involved in the requirements of the project and handling the server-side of the products.

Quality Assurance Specialists 

At each stage of the software development process, QAs must examine the application for flaws and problems.  The projects must be released to the market without any technical issues, according to the QA professionals.

Experts in DevOps

They collaborate with QA professionals and software development teams to plan the product’s creation and use and create an environment conducive to testing the project’s requirements.

Why Hapy Is A Good Choice While Hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

To accomplish your company objectives, you can work with a professional development team at Hapy that is skilled in software and online development.  With our specialists at your disposal, you may delegate some of your burden to us and concentrate on other crucial facets of your company.

Hapy takes pleasure in being more than just an outsourcing service provider; we are a trusted development partner.  Instead of concentrating on short-term profits, we want to create long-lasting partnerships. Typically, we assume responsibility for the client project and advance with our partners.

Bottom Line

The Dedicated Development Team model is an excellent option for creating your software product, whether you already have an in-house team of software engineers or none.  Give this concept a try if you want to start developing a long-term project but are on a restricted budget and unsure of the technical needs.  You will have a partner from a reputable outsourcing company who can assist you in finding the best course for your business and share your goals and vision.

A committed team is ideal for projects with many ambiguous needs, such as those for aspiring startups and developing tech companies.  The dedicated partnership is the most excellent option for these businesses looking for long-term collaboration regarding the best price and carefully chosen team members.  With that in mind, you can choose whether you require a committed team on your own.


What Does A Development Team Do?

A development team is a collection of individuals who work together to create software, a product, and occasionally dedicated team services.  Most development teams are made up of company personnel.  They may also originate from many organizations regarding collaborations or joint ventures.

How Do You Structure A Development Team?

A typical software development team is composed of experts with varied skill sets and domain knowledge:
a) Project manager
b) Business Analyst
c) Designers
d) Developers
e) QAs.

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