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Journal - Web Development

Top 22 Free Website Builders For Small Businesses

Written By Aisha Ahmed – Last Modified On April 3, 2024

These days, websites have become a need for everyone. During the Covid situation, everyone needs to have the website not for entertainment purposes only but for exposure, large businesses, growth, and benefit of their online business. Some People want to start their internet page without spending any cost. So, we decided to share 22 Top Best Free Website Builders For Small Businesses.

Building a website was once considered a complex and challenging task to get over. So creating a website appeared to be a hurdle to achieving the goal. Nowadays, because of the website builders, designing websites has been entirely resolved. 

It is not wrong to say that user-friendly website builders make it easy to create and design a website due to user-friendly website builders.

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Top 22 Free Website Builders 

These are some of the top free website builders available, but we only discuss the twenty-two best builders in this article.

  1. Wix
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Weebly 
  4. Jimdo 
  5. Site 123
  6. Strikingly
  7. Webflow
  8. Webnode
  9. UCraft
  10. Simple Site
  11. Webstarts
  12. Mozello 
  13. One.com 
  14. Bookmark
  15. 000webhost
  16. New Google Sites
  17. Zoho Sites
  18. WordPress.com
  19. Mobirise
  20. Adobe Spark
  21. Websitebuilder.com or Sitey
  22. Squarespace

Let’s look at some best free website builders

1. WIX

  • Wix had a 4.75/5 star rating in the investigation.
  • What regarding advertisements?

A prominent advertisement appears over the top of free Wix sites.

  • What would the title of my domain be?

(your name).wix.com or custom name

  • How extra space will I be given?


  • What you have to pay if you really wish to upgrade 

The starting bid is the Monthly amount is $14. (billed annually).

Wix in a sentence.

Wix is simple to use, has a lot of features, and provides you complete creative control over the appearance of your site owing to its editor.

Even though Wix’s free-of-cost domain isn’t very memorable, you can tweak it to fit your company’s identity. This offers Wix an edge over competitor builders like SITE123, which provide users with a domain that you can’t change.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Wix?

We employed Wix to construct a free-of-cost website for a fictitious company named Lucy’s Cupcakes, which required around 1/2 a day to complete. 

Wix was simple to use, yet it still allowed us the intelligent control we desired to design our site precisely as we intended it.

What we appreciated: 

The creative freedom – we simply dragged everything wherever, which made it simple to arrange things precisely how we desired!

The template options and designs — the template we chose already included a navigation area.

The reverse tool allows you to restore changes by pressing CTRL + Z at the same time. This is a minor capability that is unexpectedly handy.

It was pretty simple to change the text, graphics, and background with only a few keystrokes. Wix does have a built-in image repository, which speeds things up even more!

What can improve in Wix

Even though Wix is simple just to use, the designer could be a little perplexed at first since there are various possibilities. This could make Wix appear more complicated than it is. It would be considerably better beginner-friendly if there were a fast tour.

Read More: For Detail Guide About WIX

2. GoDaddy

  • In our study, GoDaddy received ratings:4.4 out of 5 stars
  • What regarding advertisements?

‘Powered by GoDaddy’ would display on your website’s bottom of each page.

  • What would the name of my domain be?


  • Charges for upgrading

The start-up cost is a Monthly fee: of $6.99 (billed annually). If someone wishes to upgrade)

In A Quick look: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is great for anyone who wants to build a simple, straightforward website in a short amount of time. It has a consumer ADI feature that develops your website depending on several answers to a few inquiries. 

GoDaddy had also made various impressive modifications to its design stage since the last moment we evaluated the builder, with fresh and enhanced templates and personalization capabilities – that’s why it has comfortably ascended its approach to the top one.

Even though it lacks some of Wix’s higher SEO Optimization features, the SEO Wiz functionality stands out as a convenient way to assist in optimizing your site.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Using GoDaddy?

The builder is beautiful and convenient, as we discovered when we made our demonstration site through GoDaddy. 

GoDaddy started to work on creating a clean site with personalization tools somewhere at the bottom to give a personalized element by just responding to up to 3 queries. 

You may experiment with different themes, styles, colour combinations, and CTA icons.

What aspects we appreciated of GoDaddy:

Mobile Optimization– yep, you can preview how your site appears on GoDaddy’s mobile editor view! You can adjust the images and letter sizes to make it seem beautiful on any gadget.

How simple this was to establish – similar to Wix, GoDaddy questions you what kind of webpage you would like to build and what the company name is before providing you with custom themes to deal with.

Basic SEO features– In the Preferences menu, go to ‘Get discovered by Google’ and address a couple of simple queries to begin optimizing your website. There’s no necessity to brush up on your SEO skills before getting started!

What does GoDaddy need to work on?

Whenever it comes to restricting components, there isn’t much opportunity for creativity. 

Beyond the site’s parameters, you can’t change or resize picture sections; that also could be inconvenient if you’re attempting to customize the design distinctive to the branding.

UCD is an approach to digital product development and designing that puts actual users at the front of the product creating procedure. Read More: What is UCD and its methodologies?

3. Weebly

  • What do people generally give a score to Weebly?

It is approximately 90%, which means 4-4.5 out of 5.

  • how about advertisements?

On the lower-left side, there’s a little slide down the advertisement.

  • What will the name of my website or domain be?


  • What storage limit will I get?

499.9MB (with approximately 10MB per upload)

  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$6-7 monthly with an annual billed facility.

Weebly: A Quick Overview 

Weebly includes a drag-and-drop builder that is very friendly for users, equivalent to Wix’s.

Weebly distinguishes itself as the most excellent builder of websites without spending any cost, particularly for smaller companies. 

Because of its simplicity of handling or use easy and outstanding SEO features, free of cost semi-professional domain name, and plenty of development opportunities to rank up your website.

Concerning the characteristic score, we saw that the system had decreased 15—16% since our previous research and currently has a grade of 3.5 out of 5 stars. We attribute this to its slow server performance latency and mobile-friendly design!

If you live in the United States, you could even purchase from their personal Weebly site without spending any cost. 

It would be a significant benefit given that 61.99 per cent of United States customers currently shop digitally, more than before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

You will, however, be charged a 3-4% service charge upon every transaction.

Expert Opinions: How We Feel About Weebly

Weebly seemed very novice-friendly and accessible when I established my sample site — building up the website was simple.

However, it felt much more constrained than Wix, with limited designs and templates to pick from and customization capabilities that appeared to be outdated.

What we loved regarding Weebly: 

The organized patterns — Weebly’s regulated designs and themes can sometimes be annoying, though they help adhere to layout recommended practices.

How simple it would be to set up – similar to Wix, Weebly questions you what kind of websites you need to make and then offers you pre-made templates to begin your starting.

Its user-friendly suggestions — Weebly makes it tough to erase something unintentionally; it verifies twice everything beforehand, which is beneficial!

What features should be improved?

Limitation of creative freedom – Weebly’s degree of creative flexibility is the one aspect we’d want to see improved. 

Having additional control over the shape and pattern of your writing shouldn’t be a hassle – and it shouldn’t necessitate coding. 

A NoSQL JSON directory can store and recover information utilizing the  “no SQL” rule. Read More: What are the advantages of NoSQL

  • What do people generally give a score to Jimdo?

4. Jimdo

It is approximately 80%, which means 3-3.5 out of 5

  • How are advertisements?

A small message at the bottom of the site says that it was created with Jimdo.

  • What would the name of my domain be?


  • What storage limit will I get?


  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$8-9 monthly with an annual billed facility.

At A Glance With Jimdo

Jimdo’s team is dedicated to assisting you in creating a free webpage, and indeed the interface is made simple thus, you can get started right away.

We’d suggest Jimdo to anyone looking for a simple and straightforward website to serve as a foundation for an internet Facebook storefront or something equivalent. 

With Jimdo, anyone may market up to five things for free, and upgrading your plan to build up your shop later is simple (and inexpensive).

What People Considered Of Using Jimdo, According To Experts

As you construct, you’ll notice that Jimdo prioritises minimalism. There are questioning mark instructions strewn over the designer, and uploading graphics, editing text, and switching backdrops are all done with ease.

5. SITE123

  • What people generally give a score to SITE123?

It is approximately 80%, which means 3-3.5 out of 5

  • How are advertisements?

Once the user navigates a bit further through the webpage, a very inconspicuous banner emerges along the bottom.

  • What will the name of my domain be?

site123.me is a unique combination of letters and digits. And here is the URL for the “SITE123” example website’s free registration of domain: f36237f668e3.site123.me

  • How much storage and space would I be given?


  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$12.79 monthly with an annual billed facility.

SITE123: At A Glance

SITE123 is a great place to start if you wish to make an excellent, straightforward website. 

It’s simple to set up or establish, but SITE123 is not for you unless you would like to be innovative and stretch the limits of your site’s layout. 

It’s really restricted, and the domain name is a mishmash of characters and numbers but accessible, which would be a major drawback.

Expert Insights: What We Thought Of Using SITE123

The main thing we noticed about SITE123 was how much it tries to help you while you build. From creating your primary site for you to providing font pairings and complementary colour suggestions, it feels like someone is holding your hand from start to finish.

SITE123 was our favourite because of how user-friendly it really was – if you don’t have any technical skills and prefer a hands-off layout, SITE123 is the method to go.

Its live chat support – SITE123’s live chat support is accessible every time, including during the building process, which is helpful if anyone gets confused.

Simply select a business and a website domain, then SITE123 automatically creates a basic homepage for you. It also gives style suggestions before the fonts for your convenience.

What could be better: 

The design quality — it’s no secret that SITE123 gives you very little creative freedom. If the layouts were much more sophisticated and appealing, it would be less aggravating. 

“Do you know? A bug is usually a cause of mild (or considerable) discomfort. Bugs can sometimes be so serious that we have to quit using a piece of software entirely. Read More: How to reduce bugs in software

6. Strikingly

Made for Simple Websites

An easy-to-use free builder which creates simple, stylish, one-page websites.

  • What do people generally give a score to strikingly?

It is approximately 80%, which means 3-3.5 out of 5

  • How are advertisements?

Inside the bottom left side, there’s a tiny scroll-triggered sliding up advertisement.

  • What would the name of my domain be?


  • How much storage and space would I be given?


  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$12.79 monthly with an annual billed facility.

Strikingly: A Quick Look

Strikingly is a famous website builder that provides services without any cost that is better suited for individuals instead of business websites. 

Strikingly the main goal is to get you available on the internet as inexpensively, efficiently, and fast as possible. As a result, you might not have the same creative power as other user-friendly website builders, such as Wix.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Using Strikingly?

The ease with which we could create a website using Strikingly was among the primary things we observed. 

You receive a short introductory journey that walks you through everything, and modifying your template is simple — as long as you’ve got to the style.

7. Webflow

Designers’ Favorite

Webflow is unquestionably the best option for web developers and those that can manage a lot of modifications.

At A Glance: Webflow

Web developers would like this website editor. Webflow uses buffering and segment block regions rather than the drag-and-drop capability that Wix or Squarespace provide. 

For consumers that are used to a lot of customisation, this will be a very comfortable structure, but for a newcomer, this could be a very intimidating design phase.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Using Webflow?

 It’s reasonable to say that navigating without any prior understanding of section block areas and overlays will be challenging at times. 

Luckily, Webflow provides a virtual designing assistant that walks you through every step of the process before leaving you to it!

What we liked about it

Webflow’s template selection and designs – compared to confident other builders. Webflow clearly indicates which designs and templates are suitable for particular industries and provides a fairly large number of free templates.

Webflow allows consumers a lot of creative power, and even the free plan comes with a lot of adjustable features.

Webflow emphasises the usage of short keystrokes and clicking the button “right” to delete and add elements, making the design phase much more simplified in general.

What aspects of Webflow may be improved?

Although Webflow was created having web designers in consideration, it would be beneficial to incorporate drag and drop operator capability to make it more friendly for new users! In terms of higher user experiences, we’ve witnessed how well this performs with Wix.

8. Webnode

This is considered an “Excellent for Event Websites”.

With nearly 30 million users worldwide, Webnode is a renowned free website builder.

  • How are advertisements?

‘Make a website without spending any cost’, and ‘Webnode’ is written on a grey poster in the bottom part.

  • What would the name of my domain be?


  • How much space will I be given?

Approximately 99.99 MB

  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$3.95 per month with offers of a bi-annual payment procedure.

At A Glance: Webnode

Webnode is a free excellent website builder. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to designing a template or themes or wish for a builder has a low learning curve – but it limits your creative ability when compared to the other builders on our list.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Using Webnode?

Although the slightly clumsy sign-up process — Webnode releases your template right away, and you must go over to the email to enable the editor. In this way anyone or you can begin customising – it’s a clean and user-friendly builder for using once you’re in.

“Do you know? Website maintenance services help you to rank higher on the search engine results page organically. Learn More: What is a Website maintenance services list?

9. Ucraft

Design plus Users Experience Expertise

The graphics nature of Ucraft’s website builder will become apparent quickly. Most of its themes have large images that take up most of the page, making it excellent for e-commerce sites that wish to highlight their items. If you want to go for a vibrant, metropolitan look, this is a great option.

  • How are the advertisements?

Many websites (free) have Ucraft branding on them. When you upgrade to the Pro plan, users can get rid of this.

  • What will the name of my domain be?


  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$10 per month with twice in a year payment procedure.

Ucraft in a Sentence

Ucraft is suitable for website owners that wish to put a strong emphasis on the user experience. 

From huge images to flashy typefaces, the image-driven platform allows you to present your service or product in a healthy manner. 

It’s relatively user-friendly, featuring easy-to-use themes and specific customisation features on the bottom left, despite the lack of drag-and-drop functionality. 

The emphasis on appearances helps to make it a true pleasure to use!

Expert Opinions: What Did We Think of Ucraft?

Ucraft’s onboarding process is straightforward. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to choose a design and a company website, then Ucraft will go to work on creating your website.

It’s more challenging to move things around the webpage without even a drag and drop designer! Also, because the platform is image-driven, getting all of the necessary, ‘wordy’ content onto the site may be difficult.

Altogether, the planning procedure was a great deal of entertaining to experiment over, and Ucraft allows you to get a lot of visual character. 

10. SimpleSite

It is considered a “Great Mobile Editor”. SimpleSite gives you access to attempt any changes in your site by using even your mobile.

  • What about ads?

A small white button to the left says ‘Get Your Own FREE Website. Click here!’

  • What will my domain name look like?


  • How much storage will I get?

No storage cap, but limited to 15 pages

  • What price will they charge if you want to get a paid version?

$11.25 per month with twice in a year payment procedure.

At A Glance: SimpleSite

SimpleSite seems to be a very human-friendly website builder that, despite its simplicity, contains several surprising features integrated into its framework. 

Its smartphone editor, in particular, is a fantastic feature for folks who are constantly on the move. Aside from that, we’d even argue the free builder is just too primary. 

It’s just appropriate for fun websites, not for something significant.

Expert Opinions: How Did We Feel About Utilizing SimpleSite?

SimpleSite is a website builder that leads you through building up the various website sections step-by-step.

Whenever you access the primary editor, you’ll be guided through the onboarding procedure by an animated rodent character who will walk you through establishing each page. 

Although this is useful for ensuring you don’t overlook anything vital if you want any creative licence, it can get boring.

11. Webstarts

Quick Look

Obtain to (Mostly) All Functionality

Webstarts isn’t particularly slow when it approaches marketing. Webstarts claims to be the #1 Ranked Free Website Builder, with around 4 million users. Webster’s free version is, to be honest, a good option. 

It gives you accessibility to all of the essential features, including blogging and the ability to operate the online marketplace. This WB has a Wix-like touch in that almost all of the parts may be adjusted approximately freely.

Where they might strengthen: 

The templates and designs are hit-or-miss, while there is a handful that is quite excellent.

The paid program renewal rate is not entirely transparent; a little more clarity might go a good way.

Why we love: 

Hefty 1Gb of memory capacity online storefront with 10 free items, SEO configurations for all webpages may be modified

About Advertisment

The base advertisement is discreet and may be dismissed by viewers on the website.

12. Mozello

Quick Look

This Latvian firm is one of the world’s most minor players. What we like regarding Mozello is that it offers a free bilingual website builder, which you won’t find anyplace else. A blogging, a shopping site, and strong SEO possibilities are highlighted. 

What regarding advertisements?

Thankfully, the advertising is only a footer page which the majority of your viewers will miss. 

Free Storage

There is 500Megabytes free storage space, which should be sufficient for most of us.

URL Name

You will receive the URL for free: desiredname.mozello.com

About Advertisements

The nearly invisible ad and the ability to establish a multilingual site without spending money were highlights.

Ways they can strengthen: 

The developer should be more customisable and feature-packed. There is no simple approach for adding Encryption techniques to your website. The Mozello editors did not use secure connectivity in the test; this is concerning!

13. One.com

Quick look

It is a website builder that isn’t free but is reasonably priced.

Unlike its opponents, One.com does not offer a freemium plan. They start charging you right away, although the prices are affordable. The website will be commercial-free. You may add a valid web domain immediately if you want. There seems to be one grab: you are restricted to 5 pages; else, it becomes prohibitively expensive.

One.com can be a good choice if everything you desire is a modest, ad-free site with its web domain. Yeah, because if you’d mostly use WordPress than in its own sites builder, that’s also an option. The best part is that there will be no page restriction!

URL Type

You will be given the following URL: desiredname.com (.co. net .uk, .org etc.)

Why do we love it?

The main reason to choose it is that you have a lot of options, such as using One.com’s original site builder or WordPress. It’s a fantastic way to start your professional career with minimal money. All of the themes are mobile-friendly and have a contemporary appearance.

Where they could improve: 

The 5-page limitation isn’t ideal. Although their website designer isn’t the greatest in the marketplace, it does the job. It’s also quite tricky to turn on SSL security encryption.

14. Bookmark 

Quick Look

Virtual support staff are the newest trend in website development. Bookmark, Wix ADI, plus, to a limited level, Jimdo Dolphin all claim to apply a magical solution to have your site correct the first time. 

You were left puzzled where even the intelligence assistance should learn what to publish on any website while using Bookmark’s AiDA assistance. All you have to do is type in your company name as well as industry. The result wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t much better than just a website built without help.

The bookmark includes a lot of functionality and components that users can use to customise any site. Many of the websites are mobile-friendly, and the designer is intuitive. AiDA has the advantage of teaching you how and when to change design features in only a few steps.

 For $2 monthly, the company also provide synchronised email accounts.

What they could do better: The website we received was not particularly appealing. It was heavily reliant on stock images. 

They generate really high standards about the entire Artificial intelligence-based, which the company can’t really satisfy, in our opinion. 

Charges For Paid Subscription

The lowest ad-free paid subscription starts at $11.98, which appears to be pretty expensive when contrasted to more well-known companies such as Wix or Weebly.

URL type

The free URL: https://desiredname.bookmark.com

15. 000webhost

Quick Look

It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for hosting any website.

000Webhost is owned by the same firm that runs Hostinger, a famous hosting provider. They take advantage of 000webhost to provide free hosting. 


There is a restriction of 1 GB of storage, 9.99 GB of bandwidth, and a maximum limit of websites per account. However, if you would not wish to utilise WordPress, they provide a free website builder.

Charges For Paid Subscription

If you really decide to upgrade to a subscription to overcome the limits of the free plan, expect to pay around $8.99 per month. To be realistic, there are many better approaches (such as Wix or Weebly) who provide comparable deals.

URL type

You will receive the following URL for free: desiredname.000webhostapp.com

What we liked: 

It’s great that they offer their own website builder or WordPress for site construction. Well, with the free edition, anyone can directly link a domain name that you acquired previously. There are around 200 templates to pick from, and all of them are organised by industry. 

Even though their themes aren’t adaptable, you may construct separate editions of any site for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Surprisingly, they provide a simple approach to developing multilingual websites. And, if you’re worried about backups, don’t worry: you’ll be allowed to access and recover them.

What they should work on: 

Several of their layouts are sleek and trendy, but most appear to be outdated. Some of the significant drawbacks of a free version are that one’s website would be down for 60 minutes nearly every day; this is really a no-no, in my opinion. 

It offers some essential functions and incorporates, but critical components are lacking (e.g. a blog or on-site search). Whenever you switch to a different template, your previous data will be gone.

“Software Quality Assurance SQA is a set of structured and planned activities necessary for the extraction of satisfying results essential for software improvement. Read More: How SQA helps you to save money?

16. New Google Sites – Create a (Very) Simple Website

Google Sites, Google’s website builder, was newly updated. Now it has a cleaner, better modern appearance. 

Quick Look

After several minutes of tinkering with it, you’ll observe two aspects: 

1) that it is pretty simple to use 

2)there are few features: you may pick six designs, all of which appear to be pretty empty when you begin constructing because there is none sample data. 

It appears that you can connect a domain name using Google MyBusiness, but unless you’re a company with such an actual physical address.

URL Type

You will receive the following URL for complimentary: sites.google.com/view/desiredsitename.

Why we appreciated: 

The excellent interaction with related Google tools, which is predictable (Maps, Calendar, Docs, Slides, etc.).

How they can strengthen:

More themes + aesthetic components are needed. The website’s SEO options, such as title tag and meta tags, are not accessible (!!!). Their information library is as rudimentary as the site builder, so finding solutions can be challenging.

17. Zoho Sites 

Quick Look

It is a content platform.

In Zoho’s website builder, there are numerous template layouts to choose from. The disadvantage is that only a tiny percentage of them respond. Also, it undoubtedly looked excellent five years earlier. 

However, they still feel a little dated. The editing tool itself is straightforward to get and has all of the essential functionality. You could even use Zoho Creator to create dynamic information blogs for your site. Users also have complete control over not only your website’s HTML but also CSS. Overall, a good tool, mainly if you deal with several other Zoho services.

18. WordPress.com – The Blogging Platform

WordPress.com should not be considered same as WordPress.org. The latter would be great if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty in challenging terrain, although the.com edition isn’t very much at all smoother for using and also has a number of limitations. 

However, if all you need to do is establish a blogging site, WordPress.com might be an excellent choice. However, we believe there are better options for a business website. The cost of a paid plan starts at $4.99 per month.

Click Here To Learn In Detail About: WordPress, its Features, vs Webflow.

19. Mobirise 

It is a site app that you can install on your computer.

We’re usually great fans of web-based site builders that operate in the browser. However, we recognise that some of you might like to use a Mac website or installable Windows program.

Mobirise is one such programme: after installing it on any desktop, you’ll be allowed to drag as well as drop a free site altogether in moments – even though you’re away or offline.

Their designs are modern and have a lot of features. There are only a few designs to choose from. Also, most of them are compensated, ranging from $18.99 to $38.99. It’s also a shame we couldn’t uncover any blogging features.

20. Adobe Spark 

  • It is a new product from Adobe, the creator of Photoshop.
  • Photoshop is a name you’ve almost certainly known about.  
  • Adobe Dreamweaver was among the first significant WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) producers, and you may have been aware of it. 
  • It is tremendous, yet it is anything from free (or easy to use). 
  • Adobe produced Spark, a freemium solution, most likely due to this.
  • Spark is the polar opposite of Dreamweaver in terms of ease of use. However, this is due to their restricted set of features. 
  • It permits you to construct a specific web webpage instead of a website. 
  • There isn’t a blog, nor store, and no other business-related features. 
  • It has some good design options and allows you to make some stunning galleries.
  • However, keep in mind that Adobe places its logo at the top or bottom of the page. 
  • You’ll just have to spend roughly $10 each month to go and get away from their adverts. You’d be far better off using producers like Wix or Ucraft for the same kind of amount.

 “Software builders usually begin by sketching out what they would like the software to perform and how they plan to execute it. Read More: Software Building Process.

21. WebsiteBuilder.com,  Sitey, Sitebuilder.com

This is an unusual firm in that it sells the same website creator under three various models. We also couldn’t uncover any information about the organisation because none of the three websites has a “company about” page. 

Sitey & Co. appears to be an adorable company at a first quick look: they provide a large variety of faultless templates. When you get into the editor, you’ll discover several resemblances to a more well-known player: Wix. 

All of it looks and feels the same (which isn’t always a bad thing). Therefore, we don’t see why you shouldn’t go with the original. The free version only allows you to create five pages, and its premium version is much more pricey than Wix’s.

22. Squarespace

Squarespace does n’t offer a free version, but its premium plans come with a free 2 trial. And what exactly do those ideas entail? Beautiful web design, a simple drag-and-drop system, and a plethora of ecommerce options that are ideal for little online enterprises.

Squarespace, like any other free trial, allows you to completely experience everything, allowing you two weeks to evaluate whether it’s the appropriate platform for business. 

Following that, you have the option of upgrading your website to a premium plan of one’s preference. So just go ahead and try Squarespace.

Our conclusion: Squarespace’s two-week trial version allows you to put this drag-and-drop builder to the test.

Things to Consider For Choosing The Ideal Website Builder

1) Data ownership & portability.

Beginners don’t think about it, but being in the industry for over two decades does. We pay extra attention to the terms of service and privacy policies to ensure that you own your data and that it’s portable should you need to switch.

We assess several aspects while determining the ideal website builder for each utilisation. However, the following are indeed the top picks.

2) Ease of Utilise

We want to ensure that anybody can access the website builder, including total beginners (non-techy users). A builder, powerful editing tools, including customization options are all required.

3) Pricing

Because this is a competitive market, we examine which website builder provides the best price. We look for things like a free domain, free-of-cost SSL, free business email, and free eCommerce functionality, among other things.

If that is so, how much should a small business owner have to pay extra costs or expenses if they can’t understand?

4) Design and Features

We would like to make sure that the website builder has a fair range of professional website designs and the ability to add advanced features. Still, tell Google whatever your site makes. It is more likely to appear in inquiries for that term.

5) Features utilized On Social Media.

You’ll want to market your website once everything is up! And, preferably, you want people who enjoy your site to spread the word about it. Media networking tools can be effective on both fronts.

You may simply publish fresh material to your social networking sites to inform your followers. You can also make it simple for customers to publish your web pages with the followers with a single click.

There are several templates available. Choosing a theme/template is the first step in building a website with a website builder. 

You don’t have to start from scratch because the template offers you a design and framework to work with. It’s simple to adjust and design to make your site representative of your brand.

It would be simpler to build your webpage if you could choose a template similar to everything you’ve in mind.

So make sure that the website builder you pick has a large selection of layouts to choose from.

6) Resources For Education

Although the website builder you choose should be simple to use, you still need access to materials that explain all of the capabilities and how to utilize them.

Check whether the website builder you’re thinking about has any instructions on utilizing it. 

If you can fully comprehend all your website builder does for you and imply which you utilize it, you’ll understand it better.

If there are additional hosting alternatives, and if so, what are they?

When choosing a website builder for the future site, take two steps ahead: where else would users host the website after it’s finished? When the website is complete, it should be hosted with a host to access the internet.

Users will be able to locate your site simply by putting your domain name into their browser. One of the most essential elements to consider before committing to any webpage builder is hosting.

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7) Hosting

Regardless of the website builder you use, you will want some form of website hosting. One of the most famous website builders, Weebly, may provide you with a free plan that includes a free domain, but your address will appear after the organization’s name.

It is not an excellent choice for a business website, but it is an acceptable alternative for an individual website. It’s preferable to have your web domain name and use whatever address you choose.

If you’re on a tight budget and want to host their website on your domain, you’ll need to figure out how much room you’ll have. Otherwise, you may create an excellent website that cannot be launched due to a lack of hosting space.

Another item to consider is the amount of bandwidth available. Your visitors will not need Website builders that offer their hosting may have seen all the websites if it is insufficient,

Website builders that offer their hosting may have anything to hide from you. Before you sign a contract, ensure you can switch hosts at any time, and your design/template will still operate.

8) Know What You Want To Achieve

Before you begin, you must first determine what your site’s principal goal is.

Do you want to make it into a sales platform or utilize it as a homepage for additional consumers to look you up online?

It’s because an essential website and a significant e-commerce website are vastly different. Confident site builders are also more suited for other uses.

9) Features 

Every website builder is unique, particularly regarding the features it provides.

Some websites have basic, attractive layouts but only a few functionalities.

For example, a restricted site builder might only provide its consumers with the basic social sharing buttons.

A more comprehensive website builder, on the other hand, would have a plugin store with pop-ups, mapping, subscriptions box, surveys, and much more.

If you require anything unique, you may even add your code in some circumstances.

As a result, it’s critical to think about the many characteristics you’ll need in the short and long term to avoid problems in the future.

10) Capabilities In Electronic Commerce

Online shopping is unquestionably on the rise, implying that an e-commerce design is crucial to look for in a website builder.

Even if you are not currently selling any products online, you must seek a provider that may help you expand your business in the long term.

This is particularly true if you wish to sell something on the internet. Some sites have a restriction on how many products you may sell.

As a result, if it is a critical component of your firm, this is a characteristic that you should examine.

11) Credibility and Reputation

When you use a website builder to construct your site, you’ll generally have to buy a hosting package and a name.

As a result, your whole site and domains will be hosted on the website builder’s servers.

Your site may collapse if something goes wrong with the server or any website builder, and there will be no way to recover it.

Although this is an uncommon occurrence, it does not rule out the possibility.

That is why you must exercise caution.

First, determine how much the site builder has already been in business.

They’re probably too young. If it was less than a year ago, they’re probably too young.

Alternatively, a website builder that has been in business for more than a decade is more likely to be trustworthy. Another thing you should look at is its social media and online reputation.

All you have to do is search for the web page builder’s name on Google to see what some people say about them.

You may also check out their Facebook page’s review area.

12) Reactivity On Mobile

It’s a terrific idea to create a website that can be seen on computers and desktops and with smartphones and mobile devices.

To best serve your mobile site users, you should choose a website builder that offers mobile-friendly layouts and functionality.

13) Support

Each website builder does not provide the same degree of customer service.

Some companies will solely provide email assistance to their customers. You must fill out a form and wait for an email answer.

Others will provide you with live chat and phone help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is fantastic if you run into any problems.

You’d be astonished to learn that some websites provide no help. To turn to, all you need is a forum or an online information base to turn toAll.

This may indicate that you will have to wait a long to get your troubles or problems fixed.

So, while choosing a website builder, keep this in mind if you want rapid responses and a consistent support team to assist you in fixing problems as they emerge.

14) Options for Integration

If you want a site with many functions, you should seek a website builder that allows you to interface with almost any third-party service provider.

If you’re a newbie, though, bear in mind how your website doesn’t have to be flashy.

You may begin with something basic as long as it is operational and completes the task.

On the other hand, complicated infrastructures may necessitate many integration solutions.

As a result, if you’re going to use various services to aid in your site’s overall design and performance, make sure you use the right platform.

This is especially true for web design experts who wish to develop professional, high-performing websites.

15) Payment Process

Before you start looking for the best website templates, you should first look into the various payment methods available to the website builder of your choice compatible with standard payment methods in your vicinity?

How frequently will you be billed? Is it necessary to pay regularly, or will it be a one-time compensation?

Another item to think about is the company’s refund policy.

If a website builder does not provide you with any return options if you are dissatisfied with the results of their expertise, you may want to explore other solutions.

Is there a money-back guarantee with this website builder? Then, before requesting a refund, you should double-check the terms and conditions.

PRO TIP: Have to see if your website builder offers a free trial or demo of the payment processor you want to use.

Before contracting to a service provider, this allows you to test whether it is anything that you can incorporate into your website development and hosting software as a service. Users may design, construct, and deploy websites using their online visual editing platform.

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What Free Website Builder Offers–Must Think On it?

Free website builders might have appeared to be overly wonderful to be true in the past, but we sought to show that that’s not generally the situation.

1) Why do they offer free services?

How much “free website builders generate a profit” is a question we’re frequently asked. 

Is there anything fishy going on around here!! Fortunately, everything is completely legal and secure. Most website builders use a ‘freemium’ business model, in which clients would like to spend for additional services. 

Ultimately support others who are content with a restricted package with no conditions associated. However, there are a few factors to consider when picking which free website builder must choose.

We merged our extensive research and usability evaluation for every website builder. A complete with a particular emphasis on its free packages, spending close consideration to regardless of whether or not the builder selected certain criteria to develop this rank of the greatest free website builders:

2) Domain-name that is easy to remember

‍You won’t be able to link a personal-domain or website to a freemium website builder.

However, what would the auto-generated free version seem to satisfy all needs? Switching to a premium plan has a lot of advantages, so it’s important to understand how much it will cost.

3) SSL certification for free

Several website builders come with a free Certification authority as default, but a few don’t (we’ve indicated which ones don’t). 

Viewers would see the website simply ‘Not secured’ if it does not have an SSL certificate. The  SSL certificate could be purchased independently for roughly $9.99 per year.

4) Adequate memory

The number of content users may post to their site is usually limited with free website builders.

 If you anticipate you’ll be including a lot of photographs or files, keep in consideration how rapidly you’ll reach this limit.

5) Simple to operate

It’s pointless to locate a website builder which checks all the categories mentioned just to acquire out it’s clumsy and difficult to use. 

Depending on extensive investigation and customer analysis, we’ve provided an idea of just how straightforward every website builder is to administer.

6) E-commerce competencies (optional)

This restricts your possibilities a little more if you have to market using the free website builder. Look out to website builders such as Wix, which we’ve identified as enabling you to deal with a free version.

We were enabled to provide an authentic first-hand view of the technique by following the procedure of constructing a free website utilising every builder for the post.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Free Website? (Step-by-Step)

Except for being free, all of the website builders in the rankings get one common factor: they’re all simple to set up – alternatively, they might not have made the final cut! Although the method and skill curve changes significantly from one builder to the next, the following are the stages to assume:

  1. Create a website using the website builder. An email account, passwords, and maybe a login will indeed be required.
  2. Select a design or provide answers to the design supervisor’s queries. This is the first branching in the path; several builders would give you a choice of a framework to work with at this point. Whereas some will employ design help to create a mockup of a webpage for you depending on your responses to several queries. Whenever it is the situation, we’ve highlighted it.
  3. Fill in the blanks with your content. Replacing placeholder images and text using your own is a good idea.
  4. Adjust and personalise your layout. You could further personalise your appearance by experimenting with different designs and materials or even moving to a different template. 
  5. Many builders allow you to change templates after they’ve been published, but Wix does not. The “domain-name” would be established at this moment, and the website will indeed be visible to the rest of the globe.

Regardless of how often you change up in phases 3 and 4, this procedure could take anywhere around 15 mins to many hours.

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Upgrade to a Premium Plan, Is It Valuable?

Free website builders could do a little more, as we have now witnessed, but the premium version can handle a great deal.  Paying doesn’t need to entail expensive; premium functionality could be had for as little as $5.99 per month.

The following are some of the most typical benefits of premium services:

  1. Getting rid of advertisements

Whenever it comes to projecting a professional appearance, no ads are far superior to discreet ads – and extending your subscription will remove adverts from any site.

  1. Adding a custom domain address to your website

Remember, yoursite.com is far superior to yoursite.yourwebsitebuilder.com, as well as far greater recognizable.

  1. Additional Capacity and Bandwidth Features

When a business site develops and your visitors grow, you might discover that your free version is no longer adequate. 

You might have to purchase in order to have adequate capacity and to allow enough users to view the site at the same time. 

Many premium plans include unrestricted storage as well as bandwidth, giving you complete peace of mind.

Tools for Sophisticated Sales and Marketing

Many of the features and tools you’ll need to carry your money or passion to another level will just be available in that paid version, so ensure you check it out!

Is it possible to rank a website high for free?

It’s not only necessary to have good content for ranking well on Google, however, but it is also necessary to efficiently modify various variables on your website. For instance, you must be capable of giving each of your web pages a title and a good description. Apart from Jimdo, all of the popular site builders include this.

As we’ve seen previously, almost all of the free versions have a drawback: you won’t be able to incorporate a real domain name. The domain-name has a significant impact on SEO, and typically subdomains do not rank at the top of the search engines.

The installation of SSL encryption on your desired website is also another aspect that could have a slight impact on your results.

Because you can’t connect a personalized domain to a free website, it isn’t very SEO-friendly. This means that your website is a section of the website builder’s website, making it more difficult for search engines such As google to detect, crawl, and analyze your page.

What about freemium “websites’ domain-names”?

You probably won’t be able to purchase a suitable domain name as .com and.net domains are usually expensive. 

Usually, services providers will designate such subdomains, including such desired-name.company-name.com, as you’ll see.

For such purposes, an unlimited and free subdomain might well be suitable for a personal website. However, it is not recommended for official or professional sites:

  • It appears to be unprofessional.
  • In consideration of search engine results, you’re providing yourselves with no benefits.
  • It’s difficult to recall such a long name.

You can genuinely acquire customized web addresses that are just not subdomains anywhere. You could get very few (albeit obscure) top-level domains for free via Freenom, including. tk,.ml,.ga, and a few others. 

As an example, your website could be called mycoolsite. ml. However, I wouldn’t advise launching your company on a free domain.

However, if it’s only for a private project, it’ll be OK. Freenom permits you to transfer your web address to a webpage or route it to a URL (such as your free website’s subdomain), somewhat of a technical procedure. 

Referring to the domain is the professional manner to go because it will run solely on this domain, and no one will be able to access it.

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Ending Thoughts

In our opinion, Webnode and Wix are by far the top-most impressive free website builders.

Webnode has a non-obtrusive advertisement and offers a straightforward solution with a good range of responsive templates. Wix’s benefit is its large lot of characteristics, the majority of which are freemium. If you ever choose a premium upgrade, this must be the most possible in the future.

Try out Ucraft if you’re searching for a free or cheap website builder that allows you to link any domain name without any cost. While it isn’t the most user-friendly website builder, we considered it adequate.

Switching a website to a different provider after constructing it can be a pain. So, when assessing your alternatives, keep in mind your long-term goals, people who are planning to get a real domain name, corresponding email addresses, or perhaps an ad-free version of the website at a certain point ahead.

Whenever you plan to subscribe to a premium subscription in the coming years, you must also look at Wix and Weebly, two of our paid favorites. Although their free packages have some drawbacks, they are more sophisticated in terms of the whole offering.


Is it safe to use free website builders?

Limited storage capacity, having advertisements shown on the site, and the absence of e-commerce options are three primary disadvantages of free website builders. It’s also crucial to see if the builder provides SSL security because if it doesn’t, your site will be marked as insecure.

What are my options for obtaining a no-cost domain name?

That’s impossible. At the same time, many popular website builders will give you free of your domain name for the very first year. If you are on an annual paid subscription plan, there seems to be no way to purchase a domain name for free.

Is there a free website builder on Google?

They do, and it’s excellent. Google Sites is the name of the program.

Which free website builder is the most effective?

Wix is our favorite premium website builder, so we’d also suggest it as the best free site developer. Wix, Jimdo, and GoDaddy all have free plans that are available indefinitely. Wix and Jimdo, for example, have data use restrictions and enforce their subdomains on every web address used, whereas Wix’s free plans incorporate adverts.

What is the most affordable website builder?

More information can be found in my summary of the cheapest website builders.

Is it possible to create a Squarespace website for free?

Squarespace offers a free trial period, but there is no free plan available.

Is Shopify available for free?

No. Shopify Lite, which currently charges $9 per month, is the most affordable edition of Shopify.

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