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What Are Some Must-Have Videos for SaaS Companies

Written By Aisha Ahmed – Last Modified On March 14, 2024

Types of Videos Saas Companies Should Have

As online videos are constantly proving to be an exceptionally effective marketing tool, SaaS businesses are leveraging the advantage of using video ad makers to create stunning videos and boost their marketing efforts. Furthermore, videos can be immensely valuable for improving conversions and tend to reach a considerably larger audience than images or text-based advertisements.

It might also not be wrong to say that videos can be one of the most adaptable, versatile methods for connecting with clients for any SaaS company. They can be employed to exhibit products, increase sales in various domains, or fix customer queries. Keep reading below to learn more about the types of videos every SaaS company should have. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

What are some prominent video types every SaaS company should have?

Marketing SaaS products in this modern, competitive domain can be exceptionally tough. It demands helping users understand your product or service offering efficiently, which can be easier said than accomplished. So to overcome this pressing challenge, many SaaS companies are now leveraging video marketing. Not only is video more effortless to watch than a physical exhibition, but it is also far more engaging and interactive than simple text or email marketing campaign. Here are some prominent video types every SaaS business should have.  

Descriptive videos

Videos are an ideal means to explain how something functions. It is specifically true for SaaS businesses. Even the most cutting-edge tool will have elements that aren’t readily apparent. Furthermore, by creating and posting videos describing how to use tool, you will ensure that you enhance the client experience by decreasing chaos and improving access to all of your business features. 

In addition, clients will be less likely to require assistance, guaranteeing they feel that their requirements are being catered to exceptionally. It, in turn, increases consumer loyalty, and clients will be more likely to feel that they had a tailored experience with your company, making it much more relatable.

Product demos, guides, and how-to videos

If you only publish business commercials, it will estrange your potential clients. It is because most people who skim through online videos do so for either entertainment or instruction. Thus, it is prudent that you try to engage the target audience with expert assertions, thoughts, and instructive videos which you can make quickly through online video editor

Moreover, when speaking of commercial advertisements, it is more reasonable to publish them as stories. They can be funny, emotional, or just simply enjoyable. Also, since many people lose interest within 10 seconds if they do not find what they are looking for, it is better to keep your videos short and fun. Here are some crucial rules to follow when creating SaaS videos: 

  • Regulate the time of the video. Videos focusing on informative content should not extend more than 15-20 minutes. And for advertisement videos, 1-2 minutes is sufficient. 
  • Draw attention from the initial 5 to 10 seconds. If you plan an intriguing ending to your video, ensure that you hint at it initially. On the other hand, if the video incorporates a list of actions, inform the audience about this in the opening. 

Promotional videos

Promotional videos for SaaS companies are extremely helpful for landing pages or websites. Still, they can also be employed to motivate clients, for instance, to try out a new product or service. In addition, a promotional video would comprise details regarding the tool and highlight that it is complimentary, pushing clients to try it out for themselves. 

Moreover, you can even use promotional videos for cooperative marketing approaches. For instance, if your company is partnering with another organization, making videos to increase traffic to that landing page is a good idea. You can accomplish this by promoting the success of the other company’s ventures. It would help drive online users to look at your landing page. 

Testimonial videos

Obtaining feedback from actual clients, especially regarding the B2C business model, can be challenging. Nevertheless, these testimonial videos cause tremendous interest from potential clients of your SaaS company. So how to fix this issue without making reviews from fictional people? It is outright simple.

Certainly, your SaaS website has an administration forum where you can track your conversion rates and client statistics. It is what you must use! And to accomplish this, you must create a thorough analysis of the dynamics of your top customers and record a relevant testimonial video. In this way, potential clients of your website can get persuaded that your product has assisted in enhancing the company performance of current clients. This testimonial video content will stimulate interest from future customers of your services and boost sales.

Mission videos

As clients move down the sales funnel, they become more and more ingrained in your business offerings.

They begin evaluating the cost, your business, and what to buy from you. In the past, the product’s cost was the most significant thing customers cared about. 

Nevertheless, nowadays, things changed. Clients do not consider only the price but the purpose behind their investment — like a company contributing a specific sum of money to charities. So to better attract potential clients, creating mission videos is crucial. Also, it is better to convey your message by appealing to your clients and allowing them to understand your company a bit more.

Problem-solving or FAQ videos 

Ultimately, your SaaS business should put additional effort into making amazing client service videos. These could come in as FAQs or problem-solving videos. They can broadly coincide with instructive videos, though client service videos should concentrate less on promoting your products and more on fixing any issues that arise. Delivering these videos will let your consumers know you care about their requirements and will always remain more faithful to your company. 

The Bottom Line 

To sum up, we can say that video is the new future of online marketing, and SaaS companies serious about their enterprise growth must jump on this bandwagon immediately. Nevertheless, making a video can seem challenging for a marketer. Hence, the most suitable way to get started is by investing in an online video maker that makes it super intuitive for you to make SaaS videos seamlessly. With a tremendous array of music options, advertisement templates, images, and more, even a beginner can create a SaaS video with little marketing effort.

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