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7 Merch Websites for YouTubers to Lead the Custom Merch Game

Written By Ahmed Shahid – Last Modified On April 22, 2024

Merch created by YouTube artists can be found just about anywhere, and there’s a good explanation for why these content producers have shifted their attention away from regular streams and onto other endeavors outside of YouTube. This page provides a comprehensive look into the topic, answering questions such as “Why?” and “Where?”

It is not difficult to acquire apparel from YouTube producers. In this day and age, virtually all of your favorite YouTube artists have their very own unique product store, particularly those who have attained or beyond 100,000 subscribers. And there’s a very reasonable explanation: the market for it is exploding right now.

Merch by YouTubers

Merchandise sold by YouTube content creators is a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down. There has been an increase in the number of e-commerce transactions that take place on the platform, and the main activity that is presumed to take place is to create and sell merch. As a result, a good number of YouTube-approved merch sites have been pedaling along on that profitable wave.

In light of this, it has become an increasingly tough effort for many notable designers to make and disseminate distinctive goods among the crowd. This is in addition to the high criteria that newbies are expected to meet upon joining the community. There is also the issue of whether or not the services provided by the business firm are affordable and of sufficient quality.

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As a result of all of these questions, we have compiled a list of five highest-rated offerings that can assist YouTube creators in either kickstarting or marketing their goods for an efficient operation. In the process of doing so, we will also engage in an extensive discussion regarding the best merch that YouTubers in general have to offer.

What Benefits Do Merch Companies Have for YouTubers?

The merch that YouTube creators create is worthy of a strong collaboration. A creator may reap several benefits in the areas of work distribution and efficiency by forming a partnership with a merchandising company that caters to YouTubers. Merch retailers are a mix of platforms and printing suppliers, which means that the YouTube creator is responsible for 80 percent of the product quality.

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It’s not as difficult as you would think to get your hands on some YouTuber merch. Aside from the layout, the costs, and the constant promotion in their channels, there is not much else that they should be concerned about.

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7 YouTuber-Friendly Merch Websites

The websites on the following list of the finest places to get a custom merchandise online store to handle product delivery, analytics, and marketing:

1. Hapy

If you are looking to get into the merch business and start earning a good side income, you need a custom online store resonating with your personality and brand image. What better place than to take the help of industry experts in custom software? Hapy can make a custom merch store for you to really start promoting your brand. 

You can then promote your own merch through your influencer platforms and your youtube channel and your channel through your merch at the same time.

We stay connected during the whole process to better understand you and your followers to create a bespoke solution that will put you up on the map. The process is transparent and all your requests are cared for.

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2. Gemnote

How can one use Gemnote to create merchandise for YouTube? From the beginning to the end, everything goes well! Swag and high-quality items are the primary foci of Gemnote’s merchandising efforts. In order to keep up with the demands of the rapidly expanding market comprised of members of Generation Z, it is important to offer the YouTube creator design-oriented support. Gemnote is dedicated to being current with the most recent industry developments.

This explains why people think that customization is “all the jazz.” In this manner, designers have more discretion to react to current trends since they have more flexibility. For instance, the marketing, business, and influencer events that have been brought up as a result of the epidemic are now the most popular conventions that are going on all over the internet today.

How can creatives manufacture their own merchandise for YouTube, and how can they determine which merchandise giveaway will be the most successful? Don’t be concerned, Gemnote has it completely figured out!

The pendulum has swung in favor of influencer brands. Here are some bespoke packages that your fans will definitely like, as well as some pointers on how to exhibit them in the most efficient way possible.

3. Spring

Their blog states that they have significantly increased the number of companies they work with and the range of services and goods they provide. Spring has started establishing a social media presence on platforms outside of YouTube, including Twitter and Instagram.

Using branded shops makes it simpler to learn how to produce merchandise for YouTube. Spring now provides producers with the ability to open their own branded stores, which helps Spring filter down the material to the normal YouTube merch sweatshirts or YouTube channel tees. This is by far the most significant alteration that they have made since it places the platform in a more concealed location. Therefore, YouTubers may use Spring to host their own merchandising websites.

4. Represent

A printing firm that operates similarly to Spring and provides a user-friendly environment for the creation of items is Represent. Spring is distinct from YouTube in that it places more emphasis on general producers as its primary audience than YouTube. However, Represent is a merchandise manufacturer that caters only to YouTubers, notably the “pioneers.” PewDiePie has an official website hosted on their platform, just to give you an example.

5. Spreadshop

This time, the greatest website for your merchandise is led by its creator. Spreadshop is able to supply YouTube creators with the shelves as well as the resources they require to build their own bespoke shop system. They have a saying that goes something like “it’s all about the business owner.” The power over every feature, such as the single-product rate, discount tactics, and landing page designs, is given to the users in order to establish a solid foundation of confidence.

In addition, in order to strengthen this quality of retailing, Spreadshop has limited its services to only include print-on-demand items. This ensures that there is no possibility of incurring unimportant costs.

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6. Printify

You have alternatives with Printify when you combine merch from YouTube creators. Printify brags about having the “biggest worldwide print network” in the business. They have more than 300 goods in their inventory that include base designs that can be used as a starting point for YouTube’s build and sell merch. All they have to do is decide what kind of swag (t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, etc.) they want and go from there to make it unique. With regards to the personalization phase, their mockup generator is a free highlight.

After that, the merchandise illustration may be published to distinct online retailers such as Shopify and eBay; however, Printify also provides order fulfillment services.

7. Redbubble

Redbubble is a pretty unique merchandising shop builder due to the fact that it caters to a certain market. The organization is dedicated to serving the creative community and providing the ideal venue for exhibiting artists’ works. Their objective is mutually beneficial since there are many artists and art enthusiasts that want to participate.

The artist then uploads a design and places it on an item that may showcase the design, and after someone buys the goods, your preferred YouTuber merch sweatshirts are delivered while the artist is compensated for their work. Their procedure is really straightforward.

When taking into consideration the continuous growth of animation channels, Redbubble will receive the majority of the services supplied.

Launching YouTube’s Official Merchandise Collection

After going over what is considered to be the best merch shop for YouTubers, it is now time to go over what is considered to be the best goods for YouTubers themselves, especially how to launch a merch line.

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It should come as no surprise that individuals who either have the creative aptitude or a large number of subscribers have a distinct edge. However, there is no need for concern since once every creator has planned out their merchandise designs and selected a particular platform to advertise them on, they have completed more than half of the work necessary to develop and sell merchandise.

Make sure you select a merchandise shop that is appropriate for the sort of marketing base you have planned.

1) First Phase

The task is done for successful YouTube content creators by their celebrity and their audience. Every creator, even beginning ones, is aware of this fact, therefore the fact that one has a significant audience that genuinely supports them should not come as much of a surprise. For this reason, the first stage is to develop your popularity and your customers’ loyalty.

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On YouTube, there are a huge number of people who just observe, and the goal is to turn those people into subscribers and admirers. Fans have the ability to become paying customers, while onlookers do not. Merchandise shops will get on board after your popularity has increased.

2) A Solid Foundation for Your Campaign

Now that we know we’ll have customers, we need to figure out how best to market our products to potential clients. The ideal kind of campaign, which is generally accepted in the online communities where most content creators congregate, is a time-based one. “Limited editions” are the most successful sellers since most fans do not have the financial means to “purchase it later.” The constraints of time add more fuel to the fire of excitement.

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The Most Popular Types of YouTuber Merchandise

Printify has recently conducted research to determine the best practices for producing products for YouTube creators. If you want to develop and sell merchandise, it is in your best interest to heed the recommendations of the “biggest worldwide print network.” Here, we will list a handful of those recommendations:

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel emblazoned with your channel’s name and logo are just some of the custom merchandise available.

According to Printify, the most popular items to sell were t-shirts (90%) and hoodies (66%) followed by hats (40%) in that order.

Printed Designs on Merch

They are so passionate that the one design on their clothing that sells the most is a phrase from one of their favorite videos on YouTube. The YouTuber’s face comes in at number four, followed by their youtube channel name or real name, then their custom designs, and finally their branding or logo.

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Color Schemes and Combinations

The research done by Printify looked at 30 different merchandising platforms. Twenty of them said that black-colored items were the most successful in terms of sales. Next up was colored merchandise, which made up a little more than half of the total. The goods that were white or any other brilliant color were the ones that sold the least.


In point of fact, the orientation of the patterns is an important consideration as well. According to analysis, the majority of YouTube viewers are more likely to purchase products with a frontal print or embroidered design. The price for chest pockets is 47%, the price for sleeve patterns is 27%, and the price for all-around printing is 20%.

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The subject of how to create merchandise for YouTube that is successful in resonating with viewers is a common one. Both the maker and the purchaser stand to profit from an approach that is straightforward. The time spent on the designing stage is cut down for YouTube creators. Their top priorities will be campaigns and establishing a reliable supply line of products. In the meanwhile, fans are content with whatever it is that becomes associated with their preferred YouTube creator’s brand.

Examples of Great YouTuber Merchandise

Because there are so many content producers on YouTube and so many fans who insist that “Ours is the finest,” the question of whose merchandise is the “best merch by YouTubers” is, in all honesty, completely open to interpretation. They have a large fanbase, thus you may assume (at the very least) that their merchandise, regardless of its design or marketing strategy, is high quality.

  • Merchandise sold on YouTube and three important considerations
  • The level of love or dedication you have for a certain YouTube creator The caliber of the designs they create
  • The trademark or logo that is used to identify the producer.

The quality and style of the merch sold by YouTube creators might vary widely. Therefore, the response to this question is that there isn’t just one answer. There are those devoted followers who are adamant that merchandise such as t-shirts, which are sold through their preferred YouTuber channel, is of satisfactory but not outstanding quality. Keeping this in mind, we may instead present a list of the top three individuals who are able to fill the post, and they are as follows:

1) Ninja

Ninja is well-known in the gaming community for his skill in competitive online play. Now he streams Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fall out Guys, VALORANT, Among Us, etc on his channel to show off his gaming prowess. The gaming community adores him, propelling him to the top of both YouTube and Twitch.

The promotional movies for Ninja’s wares are compelling, and the clothes themselves look like they’d be a lot of fun to wear. Black and white are his go-to colors, and as the Instagram feed for the Ninja shop attests, they look amazing on his devoted following.

2) Zach King

You’ve undoubtedly seen Zach’s magic videos on Instagram and YouTube. His videos are “digital magic” For his innovative video concepts and skilled editing, he has won praise and recognition.

Zach designed a minimalist yet striking logo that he has printed on tees, sweatshirts, and stickers. What’s a magician’s merchandise without cards? He’s considered it. Zach also sells comics.

3) MrBeast

MrBeast is administered by Jimmy, his friend Chris, and other affiliates who make outlandish experiments, challenges, or contributions. In the last year or so, the channel has become known for the “Last to leave” series, in which MrBeast offers money for doing anything for as long as everyone else quits up.

Bright colors highlight the item. MrBeast’s logo has several styles and interpretations, making each product distinctive. Product diversity makes picking favorites difficult.

How to Create YouTube Merch: Should You Use a Platform or Your Own Website?

There are positives and negatives to both sides, but as a rule of thumb, new YouTube content producers will profit significantly from this list of companies that sell merchandise created by YouTubers because they are not yet accustomed to the processes involved. On the other hand, long-time creators have the skills necessary to construct their own websites and manage the delivery process. One such illustration of this is Mr. Beast.

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For those who have educated themselves independently, developing a website that showcases the “greatest merch by YouTubers” will be rather straightforward. Self-taught people will have no trouble at all constructing such a website. Creators may do research on a variety of explainer films on YouTube alone, ranging from the most fundamental to the most complex phases of production.

Is it Possible to Get Financially Dependent on Merchandise Early on?

Not on merch alone. Merchandise before subscribers is backward. If a creator has 3,000 subscribers, start. Even with 4-5 sales a day, $40 per item is consistent.

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Consumers should determine the pricing of merchandise. Following processing, supply, and delivery. Some won’t spend more than $20-$25 unless it’s from a favorite YouTuber clothes shop.

Some say YouTube is unfriendly to creators. Nearly everyone fears “demonetized.” With Adpocalypse, when advertisers departed, YouTube producers’ earnings fell. Next-best was YouTuber merch manufacturers.

Balancing Being a YouTube Streamer and Merchandiser

Both are necessary. More than 10% of a YouTube creator’s output is business-driven. The video should create a creator’s brand/identity, while merch promotes it.

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YouTube producers who want their followers to continue buying from their retail stores should maintain a consistent brand voice and visual style across all of their products. Once you understand it, you can choose the right merch firm for your brand.

Get a Custom Merch Store from Hapy

If you want to establish a side business selling merch, you need a personalized online store that reflects your personality and brand. Hapy can help create a personalized merchandise online store for your company.

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You may advertise your products on influencer networks and on your channel.

We keep in touch throughout the journey to understand better you and your followers so we can provide a unique solution. Your requests are handled transparently.

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What merch website do YouTubers use?

YouTube merch website best printify is renowned as a print network with over 900 products in its catalog. They just have to choose what merchandise they want: shirt, jacket, socks etc.

How do I get merch for my YouTube channel?

How can I earn money through Youtube? You need to meet all the eligibility criteria. Install and connect a website to YouTube. Identify your items and decide how and where they will be displayed to your audience.

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