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How to Make Merch for TikTok? | An Excellent Guide 2024

Written By Ahmed Shahid – Last Modified On July 3, 2024

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TikTok has recently surpassed Instagram and Facebook to become one of the most popular social media applications in the whole globe. We are now living in the golden era of TikTok, and for a creative such as yourself, this gives a fantastic opportunity to earn money over the internet.

On TikTok, virality may hit at any time, and once it does, users are left wondering how they might genuinely profit from their videos. A good number of these TikTok producers make money through the app by selling branded merchandise and contributing to the Creator Fund.

However, beginning to sell merch is possible anytime, regardless of whether you have recently experienced a viral moment or are steadily growing a following. Learn how to make merch for TikTok to capitalize on its popularity.

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Can You Sell Merch on TikTok?

You may sell virtually anything on TikTok, including digital products, print-on-demand items, subscriptions, and physical objects.

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The following is a list of some of the advantages of selling things on TikTok:

  • Increased traffic and user engagement: When you sell your items to other TikTok users, you generate buzz about yourself and bring higher traffic to your TikTok account or website.
  • Connectedness and fellowship among your most devoted customers because of the shared experience of using your wares.
  • Selling your merchandise on TikTok is an excellent method to interact with your intended audience and rise to prominence within the TikTok community.
  • An innovative approach for followers to demonstrate their loyalty – fans are typically more than happy to express their support for their favorite artist by purchasing the things the creator makes.

Most Tiktokers choose to sell merch on TikTok rather than any other potential items for sale on the platform. For example, when the Canadian TikTok comic Kall Me Kris began to amass millions of fans, she launched her retail line of merchandise. Because the debut of her merchandise was met with such overwhelming popularity, it eventually became her principal source of cash.

Why You Should Sell Merchandise on TikTok

TikTok is the perfect place to market your merch. It’s little wonder that over 100 million people in the United States use TikTok every month; everyday user engagement on the platform is about 70 minutes. TikTok’s partnership with Shopify makes selling merch to a large audience easier.

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And if those numbers aren’t convincing, consider these other advantages of TikTok over other platforms for merchandising.

Over 500 million people use TikTok monthly.

The platform’s initial users were members of Gen Z as well as the Millennial generation, but it has now attracted a wide range of users, including older generations. So why is it so well-liked? Because the audience themselves creates the content.

This is not the place to impose advertisements, nor is it recommended to utilize the same sponsored material on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, since it will not be effective on this platform. TikTok is the most popular social media platform that allows you to complete brand management.

What Should a TikTok Creator Sell?

The majority of a creator’s revenue comes from sales of apparel. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tote bags are still popular items in the world of merchandising, and it is a good idea to print your company logo, slogans, catchphrases, or artwork on these items.

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So apparel and caps could be among the most popular items to sell as merch. But many TikTok creators also sell custom stuff like pottery and artifacts, pr tattoos and paintings, etc. You might have even heard of rather shocking demands creators on Onlyfans get. So it’s safe to say that as a creator, you can start from apparel but later switch to almost anything that your fans favor. 

How Profitable is Self-Merchandising?

One of the best ways to make money from your TikTok following is to sell customized products. You don’t even need a huge audience to turn a profit; business success is predicated on understanding your customers on a deeply emotional level, as demonstrated by the findings of behavioral economics. Therefore, your potential for financial success is rather significant, provided that you have a following that adores the information you provide.

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The social media platform’s algorithm is another consideration for success. The fortunate thing is that TikTok has a highly user-friendly algorithm, making it simple to gain awareness and increase sales.


Pricing of products and the initial cost required to launch a merchandising venture are two other, less significant elements that influence profits. The good news, however, is that there is a low-risk approach to selling merch that does not require much investment. And that’s what we call “print on demand” (POD).

Because there is no physical inventory required for print-on-demand, the overall cost is reduced significantly. Because of this, there are a lot of people on TikTok selling merch.

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How to Make Merch for TikTok?

To begin producing your merchandise, the first step that will be simplest for you to take is to think of an idea and design for it. The trick is to sell something that resonates with your target demographic; the designs you choose should reflect the values and interests of your company. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1) Finalize a Concept

When it comes to developing an idea, you need to take into consideration: first, what kind of content producer are you, and second, why people enjoy the stuff that you create.

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Here are some concept suggestions for various TikTokers:

  • Clothing or posters with lyrics to one of your favored songs would be a great promotional tool for any musician.
  • Stickers, posters, canvases, mugs, and clothes featuring your most popular designs.
  • Comedian: T-shirts and coffee mugs with your best one-liners.
  • Photographer, we want to print your most breathtaking images on posters and canvases.
  • Trainer workout apparel and accessories include sweatpants, hoodies, water bottles, and more.
  • T-shirts, notebooks, and mugs with culinary sayings are suitable for food vloggers.
  • Comfortable bags, belts, laptop cases, and other accessories are essential for any travel vlogger who frequently travels.
  • An influencer concerned with the environment might be carrying eco handbags, biodegradable phone covers, or eco-friendly apparel.

You must center your idea on the people you intend to attract as customers. For instance, most TikTokers will check their TikTok Insights to see what content is trending, or they will take the idea directly from the videos that have received the most likes and views and pin them. However, above all else, the idea should represent you and your personal brand.

2) Design Your Merch

Once you have a general idea, you can go on to the more exciting part: design. If you are not an artist, you can use free or paid resources and tools to design your merchandise.

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If you would rather have designs that are one of a kind, another option is to engage a freelance graphic designer. However, this will depend on the size of your budget. We have some great product designers at ENOU Labs if you want us to do it for you too. If you want to create something as straightforward as a picture with a tagline, you generally won’t need the assistance of a designer. On the other hand, if you want to create designs that demand more intricacy, you could need further assistance.

3) Collaborate with Existing Brands

While some TikTok producers manufacture their merchandise from the ground up, others develop a line by collaborating with an already-established brand. In most cases, the TikTok personalities picked for these collaborations already have many followers or were involved in a significant viral moment in the past. Collaborations of this nature are considered to be more of an advanced strategy.

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Tips for Selling Custom Merch on TikTok

How do you get people to buy your goods after you have them? Announcing its existence is the first step. Social media countdowns and TikTok videos are great tools for building anticipation for an imminent merchandise release. To ensure your customers can quickly locate your store, provide a link to it in your TikTok and other social network bios.

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Casey Neistat, a popular YouTuber, influenced him to start doing drops because he thinks it’s beautiful when loyal followers get their hands on limited-edition merchandise.

Jack explains that the purpose of their drop was not to provide an overwhelming quantity of merchandise but rather to have a small yet select offering.

So this is a little flex for the individuals who have been with us from the beginning. We’re thrilled that so many individuals could purchase the numbered, limited-edition run.

How to Promote Your TikTok Merch?

Once you have created your own merch and are ready to sell it online, promoting it should be easy as you already have a great tool at your exposal, TikTok!

You can promote your merch in the following ways:

1) Add a Link to Your Custom Store in Your Bio

TikTok users will initially view your bio on your profile. TikTok app is quite similar to Instagram in that just one external link may be included in your bio; therefore, it is essential to make this link count. Two choices:

Open your store. This is a beautiful alternative if you want to utilize TikTok to market your designs.

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We suggest utilizing Linktree to establish a page where admirers may find you. You may grow your fan base faster by coordinating your efforts across several social media sites.

Include a call-to-action guiding people to your business. “New stuff at my Artist Shop!” will capture their attention.

2) Certain Subculture That Shares Your Aesthetic Preferences

Most social media users engage with the accounts they follow. TikTok’s For You page is where most users spend time. Here, the app’s algorithm recommends videos based on users’ most-viewed material. If your brand resonates with a subculture, the algorithm may expose your videos to that demographic, resulting in meaningful engagement.

TikTok subcultures use hashtags to reach their audiences. When creating subculture-specific material, incorporate hashtags in the video caption. It’ll be easy to find.

3) Post Regularly; Ideally, Every Day

With so many TikTok users signed in every day, uploading daily will improve your virality. A consistent program will help you create momentum when that wonderful moment arrives. With this, your fans will know when to expect new material from you and may set their schedules accordingly.

How can I make a new work of art every day? Masterpieces are time-consuming. You don’t. Your fans would want to watch behind-the-scenes footage and hear about your creative process. Try these video styles:

  • Time-lapse your piece’s creation.
  • Recognize inspiring creators.
  • Compare the drawing and final work.
  • Show progress. Multi-video it.
  • Review art supplies.
  • Show off your fans wearing your gear.

You’ll learn what your audience prefers through likes, reshares, and comments. Discover which videos are successful, and make more like them.

4) Take Video Demonstrations of Your Products and Upload Them Online

Whenever you upload a new Artist Shop product or design, you connect with your fans again. Show off your gear, speak about it, and promote your business. 

TikTok videos can promote Artist Shop sales. Incorporate essentials like sale pricing, discount codes, and other info buyers might need. Then, emphasize the sale’s deadline. 

5) Shoot Some Footage of You and Your Pals Posing in Your Swag

This is a crafty and understated approach to advertising your products within films that aren’t explicitly advertising your products; it works well. Erin Noon Kay, founder and CEO of Claiming Disability LLC is often seen wearing one of her company’s t-shirts in videos she posts to TikTok to bring greater attention to the challenges handicapped individuals face.

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6) Read the Minds of Your Audience for Inspiration

A graphic artist’s finest social media response is, “I want it on a t-shirt!” If you get favorable comments, add the design fast. Notify the commenter that the shirt is for sale. Rarely a comment area doesn’t resemble online hell.

A drag queen and entrepreneur, The Mannequin has increased sales of their “Makeup Wipe” product.

7) Take Part in Trending Hash-Tag Contests

Keeping up with the latest TikTok trends is a certain way to increase the frequency with which your material is seen and, ultimately, your chances of being featured on the apps For You tab. There’s always a trending hashtag challenge; the key is to get in on the action while it’s still current. You may envision hashtag challenges as light ring dance. You’re free to do anything you please, but if you’re interested in art, TikTok has a tonne of challenges you can do.

Geekly Whimsical shared #wipwednesday footage of a current project. These challenges might hint at upcoming creations in your Artist Shop.

Discover hot hashtags and challenges in the TikTok app.

8) Use Current Music and Noises

Another way to market your stuff on TikTok while using their algorithm. 67% of TikTok viewers favor their brand videos with popular tunes. The app pushes hot music and sound videos, which get millions of daily views. Including them in your merch videos can help you get on the For You section.

Tap the “+” symbol on TikTok’s home screen to see popular sounds. On Record Video, touch “Add noises.” Choose an appropriate sound for your video. Random music might turn off viewers.

9) Perform it in Real-Time!

TikTok’s live stream capability is reserved for those over 16 with over 1,000 followers. After meeting the prerequisites, utilize live streaming to communicate with your fans and promote your Artist Shop. Here are some live-streaming tips:

  • Announce your going live date and time in pre-recorded video subtitles.
  • Write a few words of introduction.  It’s possible that you’re For You page won’t make you stand out to users.
  • Prepare what you’ll say. If you’re marketing merchandise, talk about it and bring samples.
  • Engage audience. Greet viewers and answer comments. This will stimulate audience participation.
  • Remind others to follow you. Tuning in doesn’t imply they follow you.

10) Engage the Community

When you engage with your followers regularly, you give them a sense of belonging to the virtual community you’re creating. Getting more views, reactions, and shares, which are highly valued by the TikTok algorithm, is a nice bonus. Respond to every remark and post photos of fans wearing your goods. This will thrill your fans and urge others to share your material. Accessible!

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How Do You Create Merch in TikTok?

How do merch makers learn about print-on-demand business? The service will take your ideas, print them out on your product and arrange the shipment on your behalf. This means you can’t get t-shirt blanks in-store or handle shipping.

Can You Sell Merch on TikTok?

You can sell virtually all kinds of goods on TikTok.

Can You Link Shopify to TikTok?

You can locate the TikTok application on Shopify App Store, which you’ll need to set up TikTok on the Shopify store. If you have a Shopify store, you can integrate the TikTok account by going to the Shopify app store and searching for “TikTok.” You can install the app by clicking “add app” on the app page.