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Part Time CTO

Get a Fractional CTO onboard on an as-needed basis!

If you need a fresh tech strategy, quick technical help, or part time CTO level support you can count on us.

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Do you really need a fractional CTO?

If you find yourself nodding along with any of these challenges, we should talk.

Technical Expertise Gap

You need guidance and leadership in shaping your tech strategy and development, but lack in-house technical expertise. A fractional CTO can help fill the gap in your startup’s tech knowledge by giving advice, leading the team, and finding budget-friendly solutions. They make sure your tech plans work well, handle any problems, and help your team get better. 

Limited Resources

You want to hire a full-time CTO or build a strong tech team, but budget constraints hold you back. You need immediate help with a technical challenge, but don’t have time for lengthy hiring processes.

Scaling Needs

You’re scaling your business and need scalable tech solutions, but lack expert guidance. A fractional CTO helps scale your startup’s tech by devising scalable solutions, optimizing systems, and guiding team growth, ensuring your tech copes with increased demands and builds a stronger team as your business expands.

Specific Tech Challenges

You encounter complex technical issues and require specialized knowledge for specific projects. Facing complex technical challenges or needing specialized knowledge for specific projects, a fractional CTO steps in to provide expertise and guidance. They analyze the issues, offer tailored solutions, and ensure your projects stay on track, leveraging their experience to overcome hurdles and deliver successful outcomes.

Explore the projects our fractional CTOs have handled in over 30 industries

Hapy teams up with awesome founders from all over the globe, bringing happiness to startups of all sizes. We're grateful to be part of their journeys, making a positive impact along the way.

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Why Hire Us as Your Fractional CTO?

Save time and money while we get you ready to launch in no time!

  • Hamid M. Chishty

    Head of Business Development
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Avoid lenthy hiring process

Unlock Your Tech Potential with Hapy’s CTO as a Service: Get expert guidance and leadership tailored to your needs, without the hassle of hiring a full-time CTO.

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Fill in Tech Knowledge Gap

Bridge the Gap in Your Tech Knowledge. Access the expertise you need to navigate complex technical challenges and propel your business forward.

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Stay Flexible & Save Money

Enjoy the freedom to adapt as you go with our no-contract, pay-as-you-go model, while getting expert guidance tailored to your needs.

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Schedule a call today to see if we’re a good fit. Get an experienced CTO onboard and up to speed within just 3 days!

Hiring a part-time CTO?

When hiring a part-time CTO, prioritize clear communication and alignment of expectations. Define the scope of their role, responsibilities, and desired outcomes upfront to avoid misunderstandings later on. This proactive approach sets the stage for a successful partnership and maximizes the value they bring to your startup. 

Hapy has a proven method of making a part time CTO hire a success. We’ll let you in on it.

Years of experience
Successful Projects

Call the right shots when hiring a part-time CTO

As you make a decision for hiring a part time CTO. Know how Hapy can help

Gut Check

Evaluate your current and future technical requirements. Determine if your startup truly needs a full-time CTO or if a fractional CTO or consultancy could suffice.


Hiring a full-time CTO is a significant financial commitment. Ensure your budget can accommodate their salary, benefits, and potential equity.

No Strings Attached

CTO as a service is like having tech expertise on tap whenever you need it, without any long-term commitments. Perfect for small and medium scale startups, play your hand wisely without going all in on a single bet.

Launch Late, Fail Miserably

Hiring a part time CTO helps you save time and lauch early. When you launch late, you end up with a product that doesn’t meet users’ needs, and you fail big time.

Hapy gurantees
you get a best-fit fractional CTO in 3 days

Easy, fast, and effective, with no long-term commitments or obligations

We're like modern-day matchmakers, connecting startups with the perfect part-time CTO fit.

Witness firsthand how working with Hapy looks like

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What is covered in the discovery call?

Its a no obligation call. We talk about your business needs and discuss how Hapy can help.

How is Hapy’s approach different?

We make it easy. Chat with us, meet your part time CTO, build a great digital product, and scale swiftly.

Track and field-cuate

some of the frequently asked questions

How many hours does the part time CTOs dedicate to one project?

Typically, our CTOs allocate 4 hours per day per project, but the hours can be adjusted according to requirements.

Does Hapy help with hiring other talent apart from fractional CTOs?

Yes, we do. We encourage you to share all sorts of business requirements related to design and development work and we take care of the execution.

What if I run out of work?

You can pause your subscription anytime you like and pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

How does the reporting look like?

When you sign up you will be added to a shared BaseCamp project. Members from both teams will collaborate on this project management application. You can track progress in real-time.

As a general practice, we hold one meeting every week for planning and delivery.